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Champion kit adjusted based on role

Sifter66 January 5, 2017 User blog:Sifter66

Seeing as how the meta tends to prevent players from using certain champions for specific roles, an interesting idea just came to me, which would allow more variety in team compilations, as well as more freedom in champion selection. I highly doubt this would be implemented, as balancing would be very difficult and it would likely make the game too complicated. However, feel free to discuss in the comment section.

Basically, the role the player is playing will affect the kit of the champion they play. This means that playing a champion in support would have their abilities deal less damage, but provide more utility or CC, while playing as jungle would have their abilities deal more damage to monsters. Ultimately, this would mean you could play ANY champion in ANY role, as the game would adjust your champion's kit.

Example #1: Garen

Top/Mid: Current kit

Jungle: Passive is not stopped by monsters at ALL levels, but with a reduced value. Q and E have lower base values, but deals bonus damage to monsters. Q slows enemies. Damage from monsters increase W's duration up to a cap.

Support: All damage values greatly lowered. Passive provides healing to nearby allies. W value reduced, but granted to nearby allies. R will deal less damage, but mark an enemy, causing all ALLY damage to deal additional magic damage based on missing health (at a lower value).

ADC: Passive is now granted when in combat with an enemy champion. Q grants additional attack range, but will not silence enemies. W grants passive AD instead of Armor and MR and Active damage reduction % reduced. E total damaged reduced, but is a simple point blank AOE damage dealer (Garen will simply deal one instance of damage to nearby enemies). R range increased, but damage value is reduced.

Example #2: Soraka

Support: Current kit

Jungle: Passive grants a lower movement speed, but granted when in the jungle at anytime. Q deals bonus damage to monsters. W hp cost removed and will instead siphon health from an enemy (increased against monsters), but cannot heal allies. E can damage minions and monsters. R will only heal Soraka, but CC nearby enemies.

Mid/Top: Passive speed decreased but granted when Soraka falls below 40% health (Not granted if an ally is at low health). Q damage increased. W hp cost removed and will siphon health from an enemy (reduced against minions and monsters). E can damage minions and monsters. R will only heal Soraka, but with a greater value.

ADC: Passive speed decreased, Q scales with AD instead and cannot slow enemies. W will grant Soraka health whenever she attacks the enemy she targeted with this ability. E scales with AD instead and if an enemy champion is snared, Soraka gains bonus attack speed. R will heal only Soraka, but will also temporarily enchance her autoattacks, which will deal bonus damage and slow enemies.

Example #3: Ashe

ADC: Current kit

Support: Passive slow % increased, but attacking Frosted enemies will not deal bonus damage and Ashe cannot amplify her damage with Critical Strike modifiers. Q will instead cause Ashe's next basic attack to temporarily mark an enemy, causing an ALLY'S next basic attack to deal bonus damage to them and slow them. W damage reduced. E charge time reduced. R will stun all enemies in the area, but damage and AOE range is reduced

Mid/Top: Passive Frost bonus damage scales with level, instead of Critical Strike modifiers and Ashe can critically strike as normal. Q will grant Ashe damage reduction against the last enemy she attacked (like Phantom Dancer). W damage reduced, but enemies can be damaged by multiple arrows, at a reduced % after the first arrow. E charge time greatly reduced and enemies will be revealed (Debuff) including stealthed units, but only grants 1 charge. R stun time changed to flat duration, despite distance travelled.

Jungle: Passive Frost damage scales with level. Q and W deal bonus damage to monsters, but base value is reduced. E charge time increased, but grants up to 3 charges.

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