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Should the "Lock In" button be removed?

Sifter66 March 18, 2017 User blog:Sifter66

As the title suggests, I want to ask what you think if the "Lock In" button in champion select was removed. I have seen how salty or toxic people can get in champion select, because of instalockers, taking the wrong champion (I don't know) or simply a bad team compilation and players need to change their champion. It feels like the "Lock in" button isn't really helping, even if its intention is to tell people "I'm going this champion, no questions asked". It would probably be better to simply wait for the timer to count all the way down to zero, as it's not even that long. The fact that the "Lock In" button exists means that some players aren't really caring about who their team picks, but simply wish to just enter the game and go their own way. Many may not remember, but League is a TEAM game. It doesn't matter if you instalock Yasuo and say you're Challenger, you win as a team or lose as a team and the "Lock In" button is not helping that case.

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