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Why do people play ARAM and should it be changed?

Sifter66 April 11, 2017 User blog:Sifter66

As you know ARAM stands for All Random, All Mid, where 10 players play a random champion and fight on a map where most of the gameplay is in the middle of the map. As the title suggests, why do people play ARAM? Is the reason because of the fun in random champions, a quick match or just another map?

If people want a fast paced game, should ARAM be changed to make it so that players can pick the champion they want so it is more a fast classic match instead? This would ultimately change the name of the gamemode as it is no longer "All Random". I know some people are not too keen on playing random champions since compilations are difficult and some champions counter others, despite the re-roll button allowing players to pick another (which requires a reroll token for that matter).

So would it be better to simply have ARAM be a faster classic game? This would allow everyone to pick a champion they want and test them without the hassle of a long match.

What do you think?