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  • SilentSilverSlash

    |description= Tristan has a 50% chance to block basic attacks aimed at friendly champions behind him in a 400 radius (200 for melee attacks). Tristan takes 50% of the damage the attack would have dealt. Every 12th attack Tristan blocks grants him a strength shield for 4 seconds. }} | }}

    Tristan cleaves the ground in target direction dealing physical damage and creating a fissure in the line of cast. Enemies standing on the fissure are as long as they stay in it. If they stay more than 2 seconds in the fissure they will become in the fissure for 2 seconds. (max. 300 health damage against minions and monsters)

    |leveling = AP)}} target's current health)}} }} }} |range = 425 |cooldown = 17/15/13/11/9 |cost = 40/50/60/70/80 |costtype =…

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  • SilentSilverSlash


    Z'Arch, The Shadow Blade is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Z'Arch ignores unit collision and gains as movement speed. Additionally all his abilities scale off his movement speed.

    }} | like or . Movement speed scalings are not affected by movement speed from champion abilities like or item actives like . }} }}

    Z'Arch dashes to target unit dealing full physical damage to it and 40% to all enemy units behind it in a 45° cone (225 range). For 2 seconds after the initial cast Z'Arch may reactivate Shadow Swipe to dash back to his initial position.

    |leveling = |range = 600 |cooldown = 10/9/8/7/6 |cost = 70/65/60/55/50 ENERGY |costtype = }} | }}

    Z'Arch blinks to target location becoming invisible for 3.5 seco…
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  • SilentSilverSlash


    Nairû, The Essence of Destruction is a Custom Champion.

    For each 1% of health Nairû is missing he gains 1 Fury capped at 100, for each % of Fury Nairû has he gains 0.25% increased healing from all sources excluding self-regeneration. Nairû gains more Fury when he is low on health giving him 6 Fury when he has 10-12% of maximum health. (Maxing his Fury when he has 10% of maximum health as current health) Fury decays as Nairû gains back health. |description2= When Nairû takes lethal damage he releases a Curse of Vengeance dealing 75 + (25 x Nairû's level) + (10% of all damage taken the last 5 seconds) magic damage to all enemy units within 475 range. If Nairû deals lethal damage to an enemy champion Nairû is put into a stasis for 3… Read more >

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