Just concept skills for "Zelos the Dual Gunblader" :P

Passive : Shoot to silence - for every 6 consecutive auto attack in a same enemy will trigger the passive and silence the targeted enemy for 2 sec at level 18. the proc will also apply on using skills on the same target.

Q. Crossblade(melee)/Shotdown(range) - ( Active) (Crossblade) Zelos dashes forward with his 2 gunblade making an X animation at the end of the dash (LOL style) dealing 80/120/160/200/240 physical damage. (the range of the dash is just like Riven's Valor). (Active)(Shotdown) Zelos shoot the blade on his gun to the enemy dealing the same damage as Crossblade and marking the enemy for 5 sec, The mark will make the enemy visible for 2 sec even if its use invi. Zelos other skills will comsume the mark dealing small amount of true damage.

W. Master of the Gunblade - (Toggle range to melee and vice versa) (Passive) Increase the movement speed when change to melee and Increase range of auto attack and when change to range.

E. Quantum Slash(melee)/Desperado(range) - (Active)(Quantum Slash) Zelos will slash in front of him 4 times (like Pantheon's Heartseeker strike) dealing 7/14/21/28/35 per slash. (the real kicker of this skill is that Zelos can run while doing the skills or auto attacking/using skills just like Rumbles 1st ablity) (Active)(Desperado) Zelos shoots 4 bullet into an enemy dealing the same damage from Quantum Slash and slowing the enemy per bullet. (Also, Zelos can move only forward facing his target while the 4 bullet is been shot.)

R. (Ulti ) Slice Demise(melee)/Gunslinger(range) - (Active)(Slice Demise) Slice Demise is an auto attack enhancer that crit. (Active)(Gunslinger) When activated, Zelos goes into frenzy having attack speed and can attack 2 enemy at the same time for 10 sec. It prioritize champion nearby.

This is just a concept, I know you will hate it and I'm sure that LOL has made a true Zelos champion or not? (sorry if I have a wrong grammar, just did my best to put my thought on this. Hope you like it :)

Also I'm changing Slice Demise into crit chance auto attack, because a 100% crit is way more OP even though it's an Ulti.

And again, this is just a concept. so don't hate it :) I'll post another champion concept of Rabadon, Guinsoo and Aghanim :)