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  • Silverzrishi

    passive/innate :

    muramasa: every auto attack will store 10% of the dmg dealt, up to 3 autoattacks.  she can consume the charges to deal additional dmg when she uses an ability, or heal her if she uses an autoattack

    Q - hydra  8-16-24-32-40 (+25% AD)

    A toggled ability that increases her range by 150 and causes her auto attack to hit all enemies in a cone in front of her.  main target takes full dmg and other affected enemies takes 40% of the dmg dealt.  the bonus dmg can critically strike. 

    W - python -  something like swain's nevermove, but root the target for 1.5 sec only and give her a speed boost (20/30/40/50/60 movement speed) for 1sec.  range 800.   deals magic damage (70% ap ratio + ? base dmg)         

    E - cobra -  she stomps the ground …

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