passive/innate :

muramasa: every auto attack will store 10% of the dmg dealt, up to 3 autoattacks.  she can consume the charges to deal additional dmg when she uses an ability, or heal her if she uses an autoattack

Q - hydra  8-16-24-32-40 (+25% AD)

A toggled ability that increases her range by 150 and causes her auto attack to hit all enemies in a cone in front of her.  main target takes full dmg and other affected enemies takes 40% of the dmg dealt.  the bonus dmg can critically strike. 

W - python -  something like swain's nevermove, but root the target for 1.5 sec only and give her a speed boost (20/30/40/50/60 movement speed) for 1sec.  range 800.   deals magic damage (70% ap ratio + ? base dmg)         

E - cobra -  she stomps the ground a send forth a wave of something? that can block 1 incoming projectile(not autoattack) and also push back  any champ/minions to where the wave stops.  range is 650 but can be players can control where they want the wave to stop. deals magic dmg (60% ap ratio ? + base dmg).  this ability resets autoattack animation.

R - dragon - a skillshot like ability.  she dashes forward for a maximum of 850 distance(can pass through units), and then unleash a dragon from her starting point, her dash does not deal dmg, but the animation of dragon does. The dragon can and will always travel the full distance of 950, despite the champ's variable dash range. players can also control the range of her dash, but the dragon animation will always travel its maximum distance. she can uses this ability once more if her dash passes through more than 2 champions; cannot use it more than 2 times .    (  ? amount of base dmg + 50%ap + 60%ad per dragon)