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    Real. Talk.


    This is a little different from my other real talks; Instead of talking on behalf of a champion, I'm talking about an idea that my friend and I made a long ass time ago (in a town not called Kickapoo). das rite: fr33-4-ale

    In this eight-player gamemode, players are not assigned to any team (DUR), but rather start at their own nexus (which there are eight of), with Dominion amount of starting gold and a goal to become the last thingamabob (depending on what kind} of you are) standing. There are factionless minions, which do not attack players, but rather serve as a steady source of income since you do not gain gold passive, jungle monsters which have varying buffs, and a Wizard-Mage-Guy who gives whoever kills it a …

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  • Simbey

    Real Talk: Rengar

    May 8, 2014 by Simbey

    I'M BACK



    , the albino Simba.

    Rengar is another special case of hyper-carry: His is like two auto's in one and gives massive attack speed, his allows him to duel more efficiently, his is a simple targeted slow, and his is stealth for a large amount of time. Rengar is an example of a strong, slightly unbalanced assassin who doubles as an excellent duelist and unstoppable split-pusher.

    Now, here's the problem: When you create a champion who can be for long periods of time, and has the ability to cast in quick succession an ability which has the ability to debilitate an Attack Damage Carry by dealing twice said champion's attack damage with only one attack, then you will eventually have summoners literally, "deleting," squishier c…

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  • Simbey

    Real Talk: Braum

    May 1, 2014 by Simbey

    It's been a while, huh?



    , the muscle man

    is possibly one of the most unoriginal character in League off to date. He is the stereotypical manly man whose physique is obviously inspired by a character from Full Metal Alchemist, and a boxer meme. His kit is composed of abilities both and , and his weapon is already used by several other characters (not like that part matters, but I need some more examples to make him look bad). To quote the wise Doenek: "It's like they took a retarded dolphin and said 'SURFS UP BRO' and threw him into a fuckin box of crayins!" To emphasise his unorginal kit, every ability I list will be yielded by the formula: (Old Idea + Old Idea) + Old Idea = Braum ability. Or a different formula. Or a quantum ther…
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  • Simbey

    Real Talk: Kassadin

    March 19, 2014 by Simbey



    , the formerly most overpowered champagne in the game.

    . The purple glowy guy who can teleport every .2 seconds. , the alien-man-I'veseensomeshit person who can silence you for approximately 872 years. , the manbearpig that can kill an adc and leave immediately. Many people didn't like playing against Kassadin, and loved playing as him.


    For the first time in history, Rito has heard our cries.

    A whole lot of changes were made to Kashadun. Upon catching wind of this, I got kinda excited. Less op Kassadine? Yay!

    But Rito seems to know not the proper limits when modifying a champion. In this kase, they killed Kassadin.

    • '

    I can move through units now. 15% reduced damage. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

    • '

    Instead of having a three-year…

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  • Simbey

    Real Talk: Vel'Koz

    February 17, 2014 by Simbey

    OK, REAL TALK: , the Beholder of Hentai. . I hope you enjoyed this blog. PCAE

    But srsly, this guy is skrazey. With a capital K for Koz. I know, he's on PBE and everything isn't final, but LAWD JESUS he is the first champion I can say is relatively broken. With a capital K for Koz.

    • : Tentacle Boi does true damage if he hits a target with any of his spells three times within a 7 second period. Period can be refreshed by autoattacks, so it's kinda like  but it can apply to more than one target.
    • : Tentacle Boi shoots a tennis ball (Plot twist: It's from the void) forward, detonating at the first person it hits and dividing into two, going to the left and right at a 90 degree angle from the original detonation point. Can be reactivated early to divi…
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