Ok, ok.


GalioSquare Galiol: The least played champion in the game.

Why. TeemoSquare WHY. Galio is such a Cho'GathSquare BEAST in the laning phase, and his lategame is atrocious. You buy a Chalice of Harmony item sippy cup and GG. You get AP from MR and your Resolute Smite Q chunks loads. I mean yea, he's melee, but why on earth would that keep you from playing him? You WANT to get harassed, because you can heal all that damage up and more with Bulwark Bulwark. I mean, you can literally walk into turret range and heal back the damage in triple digits. His Righteous Gust Tornado path is like Talisman of Ascension item The Old Relly's, except it's in a straight line, and his Idol of Durand Outrageous ultimate is one of the best in the game. He's got good damage, gets incredibly tanky, and has an amazing ultimate to completely faceroll the team, so I ask you this:

Why isn't he played?

Mid lane he's perfect: He gets harassed and heals it all back up. You build MR and just Resolute Smite Smite them do death. Top lane probably wouldn't go as well, since he is more anti-AP orientated, but if he were to rush a Thornmail item Thornmail and max his Bulwark W, he could completely negate their damage, and stay at full health all day. His mana costs are also relatively low considering his mana pool, and I never ran out of mana when I laned against AhriSquare Crazy Fox Lady, and trust me, I spammed my Resolute Smite Q for all it was worth.

Mid Game is where it's at. Any small teamfight? Idol of Durand Ok. Wanna gank bot? Idol of Durand Ok. Wanna dive someone? Idol of Durand Ok. Once that ability gets of its 1:30 cooldown, son you need to USE IT, AND USE IT GUD. You don't even have to play a RammusSquare Wrecking Ball to taunt people like a beast, you just gotta play as a GalioSquare Gargoyle.

If your game isn't over after the 20 minute mark, then you're doing it wrong. If it's LATE GAME, then you better pull a five man ult and win the shit out of that game, because there's nothing else to do. You can Bulwark shield your AD carry marksman and give them a cool 100-130 armor and magic resist, you can Resolute Smite SMITE PEOPLE and slow them to their base movement speed, whilst simultaneously boosting your teammates to HecarimSquare SOOPERSANIC SPEEDS, and you open up the teamfight with a  Idol of Durand Mega-taunt, which deals loads of damage if you have a thornmail to go with it. All in all, Galio is an amazing champion with few drawbacks that I can see, besides a relatively weak early game (until you get a couple points in your Bulwark W, really) and a long cooldown, kinda short range, yet extremely powerful Idol of Durand ultimate.

So AnnieSquare Annieway, I'd like to ask you, (I am prohibited from yet again using black magic according to VayneSquare Ms.Shauna Vayne) viewer, why is Galio so underplayed? Is it the meta, forcing assasins into the mid lane and not GalioSquare tanky beastmonsters? Is it his itemization? The cooldown on his ultimate? Or his relative uselessness after his W and R are on cooldown? Please, I need to know.