KassadinSquare Kassawin, the formerly most overpowered champagne in the game.

KassadinSquare Kassadin. The purple glowy guy who can teleport every .2 seconds. KassadinSquare Kasahden, the alien-man-I'veseensomeshit person who can silence you for approximately 872 years. KassadinSquare Krasshideen, the manbearpig that can kill an adc and leave immediately. Many people didn't like playing against Kassadin, and loved playing as him.


For the first time in history, Rito has heard our cries.

A whole lot of changes were made to Kashadun. Upon catching wind of this, I got kinda excited. Less op Kassadine? Yay!

But Rito seems to know not the proper limits when modifying a champion. In this kase, they killed Kassadin.

I can move through units now. 15% reduced damage. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Instead of having a three-year silence, Kassadin gains a 2 damage shield and "cancels channels." When I first heard this I thought, "Ok, Power Transfer Viktor knock off. Whatever."

WRONG. Kssydon's shield is for MAGIC DAMAGE ONLY, and the scaling on the shield is whack. On top of that, it only lasts for a second, so it's practically useless in the first place.

So, the old Nether Blade Lightsaber was pretty lackluster, I'm not gonna lie. But the new one is GUADLIEK. Spammed Null Sphere Q too much? Nether Blade BOOM. mana. Low cooldown, lots of mana restored. Overall great ability. I love it.

Damage nerf. Move along, nothing to see here.

This ability is what makes Kassadin Kasseding. A larger range Flash Flash available at a 97.5% reduced cooldown AT LEVEL ONE. By the by, it only gets shorter. And in the case of new Kasy, it gets shorter than shorter. But luckily, the poles that pee at Rito HQ have done their best to make Kashundan unusable.

  1. The first step is to reduce the already low scaling.
  2. The second is to add really low mana scaling that gives you pretty much no damage after buying a nice mana item like Rod of Ages item Rod of Ages
  3. The third and final step is to have the mana cost scale with your maximum mana to the point where casting it 3 times will make the next cast cost 1,200 mana.

So, Kizzass can't cast his ult more than 3-4 times early and late game now, which is kinda nice when playing against Kassadin, but it'll be harder to find Kassadin's to play against since his kit is kinda crappy now, which is really sad. All he needed was a little tweak, and not a wrench to the face. BUT HEY, IT'S JUST A THEORY. A GHHEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAM THEROY.

AnnieSquare Annieway, I hope you enjoyed this blog. I wanna give a shout out to T-Anon Y. Mouse for giving me inspiriation and defeating the illuminati. I've been gone for a while because I've been writing other things. So uh, if you want me to write more Real Talks, then hit me up in the comments belol.