Now, if you're familiar with LiBrizzi, then you know what I'm going to talk about. If not, you should go to YouTube and search LibrizziLoL becaue his Real Talks are hilarious.

Ok, ok.


Riven r0ven, the playable River.

Riven Riven is arguably one of the most overpowered champions in the the online video game, "League of Legends." Riot, however, has recently made a nerf to her Broken Wings.png Q and base attack damage, hoping that would help.

Guess wgat? It didn't do jack isht homie. Jack isth.

Riven River still does 30+120% of her AD physical damage at level 1 after 3 consecutive strikes of her Broken Wings.png Brocken Wangs PLUS the bonus 20% of her AD as additional physical damage if she seperates each Broken Wings.png Wang with her op as Dark Sphere.png balls Flurry.png Lee sin passive Runic Blade.png knockoff. Now I have an A in said class, so lets do some math. (It's probably gonna be wrong, but Volibear bear with me)

Say Riven r0ven has 54 AD at level juan plus 15 from r00ns. Whale, das 54  + 15, which = 69 (DUDES). So, Riven River decides to buy a longsoard for extra damages, which gives you an additional ten attack damage, which raises our sekc number to 79.

Nao, we're gonna hit our (ARMORLESS) Yasuo Opponent with 3 Broken Wings.png Q's, which is 30  + 120% of 79 (94.8) physical damage. Now, we're going to hit this Yasuo fool with 3 autoattacks (lots of 3s here...). That's 79 + (20%  × 3) = 79 + 47.4 = 126.4 physical damage.

TL;DR If you keep it 3 hunna, that's '221.2 physical damage. You know how much hp Yasuo Yam-Yam has at level juan? 512. That's 43% of his maximum health at level 1. INCONCEIVABLE. Now I'm sure you're wondering:


Whale, I'll tell you hwacht: Nerf that stubby sword until its made of wood. And when I say nerf, I don't mean change her ratios. Oh no, Riven Ravine is broken beyond repair. There's only one thing you can do to make her a champion that requires more than reflexes and QWER to play.

I propose to you a somewhat silly idea: mana

I'm talking Darius Dyrus mana costs, low at first but high when spammed, AP scaling on her E (BECUZ AD SCAELING ON A SHIELD IS BR0CK3N AS F00K), a little longer cooldowns, and slightly lamer AD scaling. This will maybe put her on a Lee Sin Pee Sin level: Not too hard to play, but not easy either. I don't have specific numbers, but I might put some up in the future, so look forward to it.

Annie Annieway, I hope you enjoyed this blawlg, visitor. If you have an opinion, pls put it in the comments belol and tell me what you think about my first non-custom champion article. PCAE

Author's Note: I mean no offense to anyone who reads this article and happens to be named "Juan." I have only used your name for comedic purposes, and by no means mean Annie Annie offense to you our yours. Have a nice day, Juan, you're number 1. huehuehue