OK, REAL TALK: Vel'KozSquare Veil Kaws, the Beholder of Hentai. AhriSquare HO Lee SinSquare LEE MalphiteSquare SHIET. I hope you enjoyed this blog. PCAE

But srsly, this guy is skrazey. With a capital K for Koz. I know, he's on PBE and everything isn't final, but LAWD JESUS he is the first champion I can say is relatively broken. With a capital K for Koz.

  • Organic Deconstruction Organic Deconstruction: Tentacle Boi does true damage if he hits a target with any of his spells three times within a 7 second period. Period can be refreshed by autoattacks, so it's kinda like Silver Bolts the Original but it can apply to more than one target.
  • Plasma Fission Plasma Fission: Tentacle Boi shoots a tennis ball (Plot twist: It's from the void) forward, detonating at the first person it hits and dividing into two, going to the left and right at a 90 degree angle from the original detonation point. Can be reactivated early to divide.
  • Void Rift Void Rift: Tentacle Boi stores earthquake waves in his pocket, which he can unleash at any given time. They deal damage once, then again, then disappear.
  • Tectonic Disruption Tectonic Disruption: Tentacle Boi shoots a projectile at the ground which detonates after a delay, knocking up all targets in the tiny blast radius and dealing some damage.
  • Life Form Disintegration Ray Lifeform Disintegration Ray: Tentacle Boi roots himself in place and fiurs hiz laz0r, completely annihilating anyone caught in its massive radius and slowing them by 20% as it deals a large amount of damage over 2.5 seconds every .5 seconds. Pretty op.

Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz has a respectable early game. His damage is moderately high, and his mana costs are relatively low. His mana pool is 295 at level 1, and the cost of his Plasma Fission Q, his main damage ability, is only 50. He has no escape routes in the mid lane, and his on-demand CC is kind of lacking. I'd be careful if I were you. He is skillshot based, so I mainly use Void Rift Urfkwake to harass, which is actually pretty efficient considering its range. Rush a Athene's Unholy Grail item Sippy Cup and you won't have to worry about mana.


Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz is a late game champion for me, so his mid-game is when people realize: "Oh shit, this unnamed character from Monster's Inc. means serious business." If he lands his Tectonic Disruption E properly, then the gankees are probably dead. His Plasma Fission Q currently has a 70% decaying slow, so he has that going for him as well. His Organic Deconstruction passive allows for him to duel extremely well, as well as 100-0 targets pretty quickly. After a Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadoge, Vel'KozSquare Wu Tang Koz ain't nuttin to fuck wit.



Vel'Koz's (D-D-DOUBLE APOSTROPHE) late game is completely ridiculous! I hope you didn't feed this tentacle pr0n monster from the void. His Life Form Disintegration Ray ult WILL kill you if you stand in it, his Plasma Fission Q WILL kill you if you don't flash out of it, his Void Rift W will kill you if you don't move out in time.

AnnieSquare Annieway, I hope you enjoyed this blog visitor. If you think he's op already, drop a comment below. PCAE