XerathSquare Peewrath, the lightning dude.

XerathSquare Xerath is unique to this game; He requires specific and strategic positioning to actual deal damage to people. His Locus of Power Manual snare was really weird, he's relatively short range unless he uses it, but it roots him in place while he casts his abilities, his Ascended Form passive is practically useless, unless used against ZedSquare AD mids (and even then, it's pretty weak), his Arcanopulse Q is godlike, and his Arcane Barrage ulti is insane in teamfights. Xerath truly was a skill champion, who required players to think their actions through before they do them, and not think about what they're doing as they go along (I'm looking at you, RivenSquare Riven).

Anne den, REWARK. Nao he's gut new abilities on the PBE, and I suppose this is my "review" of sorts.

Overwhaleming power: Xerath gets mana from autos Every 12 secs, making him vulnerable to counterplay, AND forcing him to get into auto range to keep himself from going OOM, and Xerath likes poking from a distance.. Lame

Arcanopulse: Exacly like the old Arcanopulse Q, but it charges like VarusSquare Varus's Piercing Arrow Q, thus slowing you while it charges. Does moar damage for longer charge, yatta yatta. Pretty good skill, not much change here. He's just slowed instead of stopped. Max 1st pls.

Old ulti, but it's your W now: Xerath uses his ult, but PLOT TWIST it's his W,  dealing some heavy magic damage and slowing people in the center. It deals SUPER MEGA BONUS DAMAGE to people in the center, which is kinda like a LeonaSquare Peona twist, and overal its probably his 2nd main burst spell. I'd max second.

Ball that's so shiny, it stuns people: Pretty much Mage Chains Mage Chains, except it's a skillshot, meaning he can't do anything to anyone unless they're out in the open. This hurts his combo more than Master YiSquare Yi reks squishies.

Arcane Barrage Arcane Barrage combined with Locus of Power Locus of Power on mega steroids: Xerath is snared for a sec, then gets a massive range, and when I say massive, I mean Ace in the Hole rank 3 Caitlyn ult massive. Then, he gets to shoot 3 tiny fiurbawlz at people that deal PEANUT DAMAGE. The radius for every bawl is tiny, the damage is tiny, the range is massive, it totally interrupts your combo because you can't do anything while you're Ascended. Rito plz


I'll tale u wut: New XerathSquare Pearith is weird. His E>Q>W combo is the same as his Locus of Power W>Mage Chains E>Arcanopulse Q>Arcane Barrage R>Arcane Barrage R>Arcane Barrage R combo, but his new ult doesn't fit anywhere in said combo; It's kinda like a long range snipe execute thing. I'm not saying the new XerathSquare Xerath is bad, it's just gonna take some time to get used to.

AnnieSquare Annieway, I hope you enjoyed this blog visitor. I wanna know what you guys think of the new rework in the comments below.