• SimonMester

    Giveaway Contest

    August 7, 2011 by SimonMester

    So i decided to participate in this contest, and i will start with telling you why i play LoL.

    This game has been recommended via another MMO game for me. Even though i didnt like the graphics first,i kept playing, because i knew that i cant judge a game on a mere first impression. I really liked the idea of fighting with heroes. It was the same feeling as when we were watching a typical fight based cartoon back then, when we were kids. (Son goku etc.) Where you have certain abilities and artifacts, and you have to think, and try to counter an enemies abilities. An extremely addictive type of gameplay. Even though there is only one really played map(Summoners Rift), people tend play thousands of games on the same map,with same graphics for …

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