Sing, Aurra

aka Aurra Sing

  • I live in Narshadda
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is Bounty Hunter
  • I am Female
  • Sing, Aurra

    Danielle, The Rogue Alchemist is a concept champion whose primary role is a sustain top lane, with supportive and semi-carry elements mixed in.

    Hello everyone, again! Danielle is supposed to be the cliché sexy librarian, who wears glasses and is always learning. Her weapon is a sword handle which has no blade. Instead, the sword handle has a lighter, which Danielle can turn on and control the flame to create a burning sword. For appearance, Danielle has crimson hair and wears clothing similar to Lux's Spellthief.

    Before you see Danielle's spellset, I guess I should say that I was inspired by Prime World's Doctrine hero, who is also an alchemist... and has an appearance similar to Danielle. Yeah, I'm not all too original. But, I believe the sp…

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  • Sing, Aurra

    Levi, of the Primordial Waters is a concept champion whose primary role is initiating team fights with his ultimate, Apocalypse Now. Along with being an initiator, Levi is also a tank and a jungler, with amazing gank prowess thanks to Tidal Wave. He can also protect his carry by lowering the enemy team's damage output using his Gush spell.

    Hello everyone, again! Levi is probably my best designed champion concept, since his lore and all his spells are thematic and so flavorful. To help you under his character, Levi is suppose to based on the biblical Leviathan, who is supposed to be one of the seven princes of hell, who represents the sin of envy, and who can only be slain by God himself, which also fits into Levi's lore. Oh, and that's why h…

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  • Sing, Aurra

    Riley, The Urchin Of Noxus is a concept champion whose primary role is carrying his team in the late game. In the early game, Riley can support his team by jungling and ganking.

    Hello everyone! I don't quite know how to format this, so I just copied another champion's source and wrote over that, which I hope is okay to do.

    Riley is a favorite of mine. He's not just a champion; he's a character I've written and thought about for a long time. It's just I've decided to move him in to the League realm and implement him as a champion, but I do love to write champion concepts; it fuels my creativity. So, I hope you love him as much as I do!

    For appearance, Riley is part Ionian and another part Noxian. Basically, what I am saying is that he is a mix …

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