• Singingwkd

    About LP

    June 2, 2013 by Singingwkd

    I am currently in Silver V NA, and I have played around 60 ranked games and never ranked up once. Why?

    Every time I win a game, I receive around 5-8 LP. Every time I lose, I lose 20+ LP. I asked my friends and other random people I meet in my teams "how much LP do you get per win?", they tell me "around 20". I know that if you face weaker opponents you earn less LP, but I've been getting 5-8 LP every single win for the 30 wins I have! I don't think I've been facing people who are bad the whole time either.. It's very frustrating to win 3 games in a row and build up to 21 LP, only to lose it all in a single loss. 

    So I want to ask more people. How much LP do YOU get?? and How much LP do you lose when you lose a game? 

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