Me and a couple of friends were discussing different skins/texture pack kinda things for league, and thought the pokemon would be a fun idea.


Spawn - Pokeball design

Turrets - Rydon Statues ~

Inhibitors - Gyms?

Shop - Pokemart

Brush - Long grass

Nexus - Elite 4 stage?


Wolves - Houndor and Houndoom, or Poocheyena and Mightyena

Wraiths - Haunter and Ghastly or Misdreavus and Mismagius, or even Shuppet.

Young Lizards - Larvitar

Ancient Golem - Claydol

Elder Lizard - Tyrannitar, Krookodile

Dragon - Druddigon, Hydreigon

Baron Nashor - Red Gyarados, Giratina, or Diglett

Other Golems - Sudowoodo, boldore, or gigalith


Spawning - The red Pokeball light?


Health pots etc would be the pokemon equivalent, e.g. health potions. not all items would be changed, obviusly. maybe just some of the basic ones, such as consumables.

whaddaya think?

does anyone know how to get to the files such as sound, images etc so you can edit them?

Thanks to those who have contributed!