Greetings, Citizens of the Internet! Warning: tl:dr-free zone, read it at your own risk.

I also feel inclined to give another warning: Math won't be involved. Yes, it's still theorycrafting because of REASONS*.

There are a good amount of items in LoL most players agree on them being universally great. Then there are items that are pretty niche, but viable in certain combinations, like Warmog's Armor item Warmog's Armor on Dr. MundoSquare Dr. Mundo.

After that, there's only NocturneSquare DAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEESS! and players tend to be silenced and blinded when confronted with items that are generally considered as being "Riot added them just 'cause and that item sucks"-tier.

*(Reasons are that analysing observations and discussing theories still counts as theorycrafting even without algebra and formulas and matrices blablabla yare yare)

Now for the interesting part

Ohmwrecker item Ohmwrecker. Such a controversial item. Stats are good for support, active is quite interesting for support because it allows risk-free ganks at enemy tower, but the recipe is what makes this item underpicked. Mainly because of Philosopher's Stone item Philosopher's Stone. First of all, it's a Gp10-item, which always causes some trouble. Second, Shurelya's Reverie item Shurelya's Reverie is universally considered the best upgrade of that transmutating rock and even without it, there's Mikael's Crucible item Mikael's Crucible. Some people even prefer Eleisa's Miracle item Eleisa's Miracle to Ohmwrecker, Holy Spit. At the time you're able to afford Ohmwrecker, the Outer Tower/s are most likely already destroyed, so it's even less desirable at this point despite its Cost Efficiency (mostly because stats are only secondary when Supports go shopping). It's 2.8 grands because Riot intentionally wants it to be mid-to-late game, there's not really another reason (although I can understand why they want it this way).

Don't get me wrong, Ohmwrecker in its current form is niche, but niche in a good way. The problem is that there is too much strong competition for it because it's build from Philo. So what would happen if we replace Philo? While the next headers will only tell how Philo could be replaced with, remember that the whole recipe can change according to it, I'm just stating the core item of the recipe. With that said, let's go!

Replacing Philo with Catalyst the Protector

Yay, Catalyst the Protector item Nostalgia.

It has been done in the past, but got changed because... ... I don't know, really. Should have replaced the Chain Vest item Chain Vest with AP or MP5 instead of practically everything. Catalyst the Protector is an item often seen on AP-oriented characters, mainly because it builds into Rod of Ages item Rod of Ages and Rod of Ages only. With Old!Wrecker, it would have stayed so, but made Catalyst okay on Supporters. Maybe it got changed because Old!Wrecker had nothing to do with passively gaining Gold in one of its recipe items or granting Vision.

Maybe it got replaced because Catalyst is not a good tank item and tanks are the role that initiates and bring the teamfight to them, so they're the main target for Ohmwrecker. But if it's for tanks, then why replacing it with Philo...?

Replacing Philo with Madred's Razors

Yes, Madred's Razors item I mean it.

There are several positive changes when the Razors are taken as a basis. While no longer viable for supporters, there will be even more options for Junglers. Spirit of the Elder Lizard item All Spirit of the Ancient Golem item Three Spirit of the Spectral Wraith item Spirits are good for fast clearing times and gives some good stats that helps with every aspect of the jungle. Wriggle's Lantern item Wriggle's Lantern is pretty nice for counter-jungling and keeping an eye on stuff, but I kinda miss some more options when you take Madreds, especially one that is more suitable for roaming junglers and a good alternative to the Spirits.

Cue the Ohmwrecker.

Madred and Wriggle are for aggressive junglers wanting to hurt people badly, so the Ohmwrecker-active makes sense when you're roaming. Imagine you escaped a teamfight, everyone scatters and you barely survived it by standing next to a tower. You take a breather, are recalling... Tower suddenly shuts down and Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix jumps you. Eating time! Even when that evolving copyright infringement is low on health, the element of surprise will get you and the tower can't do anything against it.

Replacing Philo with another Gp10

While less desirable than Philo, Kage and Avarice has some merits because they aren't that viable for support. Kage would be a lesser burden than Avarice, of course, so let's talk about Kage as the new Philo.

Gp10 and some AP. Good enough. It builds into Shard of True Ice item Shard of True Ice and Twin Shadows item Twin Shadows, which are both as niche than Ohmwrecker (although Shard is pretty popular when you pick Kage as a support. Mainly because you can keep the Gp10), so that is a possible solution. Since Shard and Twin are both there to make it harder for the enemies instead of making it easier for your allies, Ohmwrecker would fit like a glove. Make it happen, Riot! After thorough testing, of course.

Replacing Philo with... ehm...

Well, now we have some problems. It's getting thin regarding items suitable for early supporters and tanks. Other possible items I considered are Chalice of Harmony item Chalice of Harmony, Emblem of Valor item Emblem of Valor, Glacial Shroud item Glacial Shroud, Kindlegem item Kindlegem and Warden's Mail item Warden's Mail, but I scrapped these possibilities almost instantly. Regarding Glacial and Warden we already have Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion, which does a way better job for Carry-assisting roles even if it's more mid game. Chalice is by no mean really needed for supporters, it only gets viable when building Mikael. Emblem builds into Aegis and Banner of Command item Banner of Command, which are ultimately the better items than anything with an Ohmwrecker-active, so it would create the same problems we have with Philo.

Kindlegem is somewhat unique with its problems. While it would grant supporters some great stats, Health and CDR... Just look at the stuff it builds into. There's Shurelya's. Again. Then there is Zeke's Herald item Zeke's Herald. Which is good, too. For the rest, let's just say that Kindlegem is already pretty busy in most games. No need to add a 6th item based on this. That should only be possible with Boots. And maybe Enchantments.

In the end, as long as Philosopher's Stone is the core item and Shurelya's stays big in business, Ohmwrecker continues to be the Executioner's Calling item Executioner's Calling of AP. But as we see, there are not many good alternatives, which is the main problem. We can't even give it the same threatment given to Frozen Mallet item Recently Thawed Mallet because a recipe for a mid-to-late game item only consisting of basic items doesn't work for roles that need to make every coin of gold worth it. Ohmwrecker isn't the problem, it's the whole situation, sadly...