So I'm going to cut to the chase with this.

I got in queue after a ranked win as j4. Our first pick said top and second pick said mid. The first pick, picked gragas and said he'll mid. Second pick raged and picked lux saying she would mid. So for the next minute Gragas was trying to explain pick order to her. So I elise jungled. Out bans were sion, Shen, malphite. Sion? So they got blitz and so we were like GG. We got in game and gragas and lux are yelling like madmen and the other team chimed in. The point I started to get irritated is when the Gragas stole my kills and farm/jungle monsters. I had red buff on enemy and they were at ten health I was auto and he ulted 4 kill. So I raged the next 20 minutes as the Gragas and lux were arguing. We were all one big family! No one was warding either. We had a last pick support and he was taric. Gragas then told me to calm down so I apologized and tried to make up for raging. So after that we worked as a team and pushed four times and eventually aced them and won. I gained 16 LP and other team was shocked. So the lesson?

Don't give up because of some random soraka top pick, teammate not building right, jungler complaining (guilty), or lane confusion. Remember stay sober, and plow 'em down!!! See ya