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  • Slashingstrike

    Nerante is Champion Concept inspired by Nero / Dante playstyles from Devil May Cry series.
    He is very agile Skirmisher, who rely on Empowered Basic Abilities for effective combos by jumping in and out of combat for quick skirmish. As a Light Fighter his ultimate will boost his defenses as well as giving him extra health regeneration for short awhile.

    equals to as based on Nerante's |The effect is increased by 1% per 1% of Nerante's missing health}}


    to enemies on a line based the charge levels stored.
    Cast - Release does not Empower others abilities

    Empowered: Release instantly fully charged Energy Wave

    |leveling = '
    30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150
    + | Charge level 1}} to | Charge level 2}}
    |range = 800 () |cooldown = 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 |…

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  • Slashingstrike

    This is idea for Critical Strike version of Ghostblade


    | passive =

    | active = Unique - Cooldown 90 sec: Next basic attack is a and will grands attack speed and 20% movement speed for 6 seconds.
    Each reduces
    the cooldown by 2 sec | recipe = Serrated Dirk, Wicked Hatchet | buy = 3100 }}

    originally was crits based but now it will be more focused on Assassins so I figure its good idea to give ADC similar items

    invisible Champions cannot be targeted or auto attacked but their location can be briefly revealed when they take instant damage or Damage over Time has been applied to them

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  • Slashingstrike

    AP Item for Tanks

    October 24, 2016 by Slashingstrike

    This is Ability Power item idea for AP tanks that scales well with Health giving them Edge of Survivability

    10% cooldown reduction

    | passive = Unique: 4% into | passive2 = Unique [Cooldown ]:
    Damaging enemy champions with an ability will cause them to take as
    equals to 10% your over 3 sec while your champion will restore instantly
    12% .

    | buy = 3200 | recipe = Kindlegem, Blasting Wand, Giant's Belt | comb = 550 | sell = 2200


    I think there are more Health options for AD champion and much less for AP Tanks.

    may lose its health stats which along with are oriented for AP tanks. Rylai is one of the core items for who would lose quite amount of power and defense

    If Scepter is about to become health-less then this item would be good add…

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  • Slashingstrike

    This is 150 Gold idea for Hunter's Potion which grands 1 charge instead of 5 and refills when slaying a monster or visiting the shop to give early game sustain to junglers


    | type = legendary

    | consume = Regenerates, based on champion level,
    85..170 ' and 55..140 '
    for duration of 12 seconds

    | passive = Potion Refills upon slaying a large monster
    or visiting the shop

    | passive2 = Slaying large monster when potion is full
    will trigger the Regenerates at no cost

    | passive3 = Maximum Charges: 1 | passive4 = Limited to 1 type of Potion | buy = 150 | sell = 50 }}

    I personally rarely find myself buying because seems kinda too expansive, delaying the finishing of the final tier jungle item which seems like waste of gold and time

    My usual start…

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  • Slashingstrike

    Annie kit update idea

    September 29, 2016 by Slashingstrike

    the Dark Child
    Kit Update Idea

    This Idea is about giving Annie more options on how she uses , which will enhance Annie's basic abilities in a different way reducing the frustration to play against a little bit by giving better counterplay as well as expanding her mastery level, which would make her more fun to play as and would be more competitive

    burst wave dealing to enemies and refunds its mana cost if it kills a unit

    |description2 = Enhancement:
    Disintegrate traves up to 1200 range, has 300 and enemies for 1 sec

    |leveling = '
    80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200
    |cooldown= 3 |cost=60 |costtyp=mana |range= 800 }}

    to all enemies in the area

    |description2 = Enhancement:
    Incinerate deals bonus over 3 seconds
    reducing enemies by 20% for the duration


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