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Annie kit update idea

Annie Annie, the Dark Child - Kit Update Idea

This idea is about giving Annie more options on how she uses Pyromania.png Pyromania, which will enhance Annie's basic abilities in a different way reducing the frustration to play against a little bit by giving better counterplay as well as expanding her mastery level, which would make her more fun to play as and would be more competitive



Casting ability grands 1 stack of Pyromania. At 4 stacks Annie's next basic ability, which is not on cooldown, will have additional effect based on the ability itself.

If Annie does not cast an ability for 10 seconds she loses all stacks of Pyromania

RANGE: 800
COST: 60 mana

Annie hurls a fireball on a line, which upon collision with the 1st enemy creates a 200 AoE burst wave dealing magic damage to enemies and refunds its mana cost if it kills a unit

  • Magic Damage: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 80% AP)

Pyromania.png Pyromania Enhancement: Disintegrate traves up to 1200 range, has 300 AoE and Stun icon stuns enemies for 1 sec

RANGE: 625 / 50°
COST: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana

Releases a cone of flames in a direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area

  • Magic Damage: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 50% AP)

Pyromania.png Pyromania Enhancement: Incinerate deals bonus magic damage over 3 seconds and reducing enemies' magic resistance by 20% for the duration

  • Magic Damage Over Time: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+ 70% AP)

Molten Shield
COST: 50 mana
Molten Shield

For 5 seconds Annie and Tibbers wrap themselves in a fiery aura, dealing magic damage to their attackers and gaining damage reduction for the duration

  • Damage Reduction: 16 / 22 / 28 / 34 / 40%
  • Magic Damage: 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 (+ 15% AP)

Pyromania.png Pyromania Enhancement: Grants Annie 20% movement speed, Slow icon slow reduction, and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. Tibbers also gains slow reduction for the duration (400 RANGE)

  • Slow Reduction: 20 / 27 / 34 / 42 / 50%
  • Magic Damage: 16 / 22 / 28 / 34 / 40 (+ 3% bonus health)

Summon: Tibbers
RANGE: 800
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80
Summon Tibbers

Passive: Casting a Pyromania.png Pyromania enhanced ability reduces basic abilities cooldowns by 2 seconds.

Active: Annie tosses her plushy in the targeted area and gains full stacks of Pyromania.png Pyromania. Upon impact with targeted area Tibbers Tibbers is summoned for 45 seconds, creating a 450 AoE flame wave that deals magic damage to nearby enemies over 3 seconds, Slow icon slowing them by 50% (decays over the duration)

  • Initial Magic Damage: 150 / 275 / 400 (+ 90% AP)

Tibbers Tibbers get no changes and preserves the enraged system

The Idea

Pyromania.png Pyromania works the same way as before but now instead being only a stun ability it will enhance next ability, based on the ability used, in a different way giving Annie choices of how she wants to use her abilities – stun, damage/shredder, or survivability. Tibbers' passive will reduce her basic abilities cooldowns when a Pyromania enhanced ability is being used.

  • [Q] Disintegrate.png Disintegrate allows Annie to farm safely from better range which is a Skillshot that does magic damage in Area in front of the 1st enemy collided.
    • Pyromania.png Pyromania enhances the travel distance and will stun damaged units.
  • [W] Incinerate.png Incinerate is damage focused ability that does magic damage to enemies in a cone.
    • Pyromania.png Pyromania enhancement will deal extra damage over time and will shred enemies magic resistance which can work great against tanks and enemies that stack MR.
  • [E] Molten Shield.png Molten Shield is oriented for Tank Annie and is a survival tool. It has more flat damage and scales less with AP to benefit items like Thornmail item.png Thornmail and Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape.
    • Pyromania.png Pyromania enhancement grands movement speed allowing Annie to escape from dangerous situations for example when being ganked or allowing her to gank and chase her opponents.
  • [R] Summon Tibbers.png Summon Tibbers allows Annie to initiate from a longer, safer distance. It does magic damage in massive area slowing down enemies giving which gives extra utility to her team. Upon casting, it grants Annie full stacks of Pyromania.png Pyromania instantly.
    • Tibbers also has a passive in which when she casts Pyromania.png Pyromania Enhanced ability it reduces the cooldown which will allowing her the combo system.
    • Tibbers Tibbers gets no changes.

Tibbers Tibbers Combos

Some basic Pyromania.png Pyromania > Summon Tibbers.png Summon Tibbers > Pyromania.png Pyromania combos at level 6 and beyond

  1. Disintegrate.png [Q] Summon Tibbers.png [R] Molten Shield.png [E]: Stun enemies and run from danger
  2. Incinerate.png [W] Summon Tibbers.png [R] Disintegrate.png [Q]: Shred enemies for maximum damage and stuns
  3. Disintegrate.png [Q] Summon Tibbers.png [R] Incinerate.png [W]: Initiate with a stun and shred enemies for extra damage
  4. Disintegrate.png [Q] Summon Tibbers.png [R] Disintegrate.png [Q]: Double stun duration

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