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Master Yi Kit Update Idea

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Master Yi Kit Update Idea

is Critical strike icon critical strike oriented and preserves on-hit effects. It encourages more dynamic playstyle and quick reactions preserving it entirely, while expanding his mastery level by giving the Master more options on how he can outplay his opponents as well as giving him some swift combos on auto attack resets.


Wuju Style
Wuju Style

Grands 15% AD bonus true damage to Alpha Strike,
Basic Attacks, both attacks on Double Strike, and
may Critical strike icon critically strike on basic attacks only

Deals 200% damage against minions and monsters

Ability Details
Wuju Style applies Vampiric Scepter item.png Life steal fully

The bonus true damage on

  • Basic Attack once
  • Alpha Strike.png Alpha Strike once per target and additional time on 2nd Cast to marked target
  • Double Strike.png Double Strike twice on the same target as Double Strike strike the same target twice
  • bonus crit damage enhances ability's critical strikes
  • Wuju Style cannot critically strike on Alpha strike

Master Yi sword will glow Blue be default

Alpha Strike
RANGE: 600
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 mana
Alpha Strike

Active: Master Yi will teleport rapidly striking 4 nearby enemies being utargetable for its duration, dealing physical damage increased based on individual enemies missing health and marking them for 3 seconds.

2ND CAST (free): Master Yi teleports to strike a marked target consuming all marks dealing physical damage equals
10 per champion level + 15% target' missing health

  • Physical Damage:
    20 / 50 / 80 / 110 / 140
    +100% to 200% AD
Ability Details
  • Alpha Strike damage is calculated from 1% missing health up to 100% missing health per target individually
  • Wuju Style.png Wuju Style may be applied TWICE. Once per target on 1st cast and once on 2nd cast

COST: 50 mana

Active: For up to 4 seconds Master Yi gains damage reduction shield reducing physical damage and magic damage by 50% with minimum duration of 0.75 second. Master Yi also restores health over time and missing health each second.

CANCEL: If Master Yi cancels meditate in the first second after activation he will restore 30 +15% missing health instantly, resetting the attack timer and will reduce its cooldown by 50%

  • Health Restored:
    80 / 160 / 240 / 320 / 400
(+8% missing health / s)
Ability Details

Double Strike
COST: 20 mana
Double Strike

Passive: Basic Attacks reduces Basic Abilities cooldowns by 1 sec

Active: Master Yi gains 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds, resets his attack timer and empowers his next basic for
3 seconds to slice twice as his 1st slice is a normal attack.

The 2nd slice is also considered a basic attack that
deals physical damage, applies on-hit effects and may Critical strike icon critically strike for 60% AD.

  • Physical damage
    on 2nd slice:

    25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 130
    + bonus 60% AD
Ability Details
  • Double Strike is considered double basic attack as the 2nd attack deals modified damage
  • 1st and 2nd Slices applies Vampiric Scepter item.png Life steal fully
  • bonus crit damage enchances ability's critical strikes
  • Cooldown begins after Yi lands Double Strike on Opponent or Double Strike Ends
  • if Master Yi hits opponent the cooldown of Double Strike will be lowered by both attacks. If not the cooldown goes at its maximum after cooldown reduction

While activation Master Yi's sword will glow Yellow

COST: 100 mana

Passive: Champion kills or assists refreshes current cooldowns on Master Yi's basic abilities by percent

  • Cooldown refreshment:
    40 / 60 / 80%

Active: For 10 seconds Master Yi gains attack speed,
30% movement speed and Slow icon slow immunity

Kills or assists extends the duration of Highlander by 4 seconds

  • bonus attack speed:
    40 / 60 / 80%


[Innate] Wuju Style.png Wuju Style is Master Yi - the Wuju Bladesman innate ability.
It's applied on Alpha Strike, his basic attacks, Double Strike and may Critical strike icon critically strike on basic attacks.
Now scales with % AD without any flat values so Yi has to build Attack Damage Items to get more true damage and if he wants to maximize Wuju Potential he has to get critical strikes as well because Master Yi design always been based around Critical Strikes
Its true that Wuju Style as active ability gives Great amount of Power for short a while but I think Wuju Style is more suitable for being Innate Passive slot allowing more constant damage. At the same time Double Strike feels more suitable as Active Ability which would provide Extra Utility for Master Yi.

[Q] Alpha Strike.png Alpha Strike Instead being able to critically strike, is but now is Execution type Ability.
it does %AD Physical Damage which is increased based on target missing health.
When alpha strike damages enemies they are marked for few seconds. Upon 2nd cast Yi will jump to strike a marked target dealing target % missing health as physical damage.
This will allow Yi to outplay his opponents better and Execute them easier when they are low on % health. During laning phase this allows him to engage in a short duel for harassment and trade heavy damage after which Yi can go back to safety. This also gives Yi more stickiness to his target while chasing his pray. Both Yi and his opponents will know which enemies are marked so they can play around that.

[W] Meditate.png Meditate restores missing health because its a defense type ability and items like
Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil, Dead Man's Plate item.png Dead Man's Plate, Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet and other health type items will scale Meditate better. Yi will have to choose:
- get tanky for better healing and do less damage or
- go glass cannon, deal more damage and heal less to live on the edge of survival.
Mediate Grands shield to Yi that reduces physical damage and magic damage by percent. It has very short minimal duration to promote effective and dynamic quick reaction.
CANCELLING Meditate early at its very beginning will keep shield's minimal duration, reset his auto attack timer, restoring missing health instantly and will reduce Meditate cooldown by huge amount. This will encourage dynamic playstyle, move around more and less sitting in one place

[E] Double Strike.png Double Strike now is ACTIVE ability because I think its more suitable for an Active Slot.
On Activation Master Yi gains massive boost of movement speed for short time and will empower his basic attack to strike twice and will reset his attack timer. Both attacks are still considered basic attacks and will apply all types of on hit effects fully and both attacks will be able to Critical strike icon critically strike
This will allow Yi to to engage in a short duel or melee harassment as well as outmaneuver his opponents, dancing around them, provide him more stickiness during chase or escape from a gank and dangerous situations and Sheen item.png Sheen Type items will become effective for him.
Double Strike Passively reduces basic abilities cooldowns because both Alpha Strike and Double Strike are based on cooldown reduction on a basic attack. While Meditate is very high cooldown surviving tool, Yi will be able to use Alpha Strike and Double Strike more often as Double Stirke would feel like spamable ability

[R] Highlander.png Highlander I think is pretty weak ability early game while late game is pretty good. Thats why the power is shifted a little bit. Yi gets less cooldown refreshment but more attack speed and movement speed for early game because i don't think Yi needs high cooldown refreshment early game which i think its more suitable for late game.

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