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  • Smurfinator4

    Canas, The Dark Shaman is a ranged mage that focuses on debuffing targets to reduce their combat skills, and inflicting high amounts of single target damage, as well as an ultimate which can turn the tides of battle by taking control of an enemy player. Canas excels in teamfights with his ability to debuff the entire team and focus one player to turn around a fight gone bad. Also has good skills in a 1v1 fight being able to disable damage and back out with little to no retaliation.

    Passive - Dark magic

    Infects the target with a debuff anytime Canas deals spell damage that reduces their damage by 5% stacking up to twice and lasts for 4 seconds. Any applications after 2 simply reset the duration.

    Q - Luna Targetted Spell | Range 650 | CD (10 9 …

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  • Smurfinator4

    Lord Uther The Lightbringer is a tanky support possible top lane bruiser that uses a new resource called holy power. His ulti doesnt have a cd but it goes off of holy power so numbers may have to be toned down or a cd added to offset the power but i wanted a champ whose ult is based on somthin other than a cd like shyvvy's. He has got good support abilities but can also do pretty good damage if built that way (kayle for instance). Q is low cd support speed boost or possible gap closer when used on enemies, as well is its his main way to build up holy power for his stun and ulti. W is stun like leonas but requires a holy power to use E is again like taric's but a little weaker with armour, offers som mr and gives a nice active to help when …

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