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Canas, The Dark Shaman

Canas, The Dark Shaman is a ranged mage that focuses on debuffing targets to reduce their combat skills, and inflicting high amounts of single target damage, as well as an ultimate which can turn the tides of battle by taking control of an enemy player. Canas excels in teamfights with his ability to debuff the entire team and focus one player to turn around a fight gone bad. Also has good skills in a 1v1 fight being able to disable damage and back out with little to no retaliation.

Passive - Dark magic

Infects the target with a debuff anytime Canas deals spell damage that reduces their damage by 5% stacking up to twice and lasts for 4 seconds. Any applications after 2 simply reset the duration.

Q - Luna Targetted Spell | Range 650 | CD (10 9 8 7 6) | No Cost | Damage (90 120 150 180 210) + (0.7 ap)

Luna is a single target damage spell that when used restores mana equal to 20% of damage done.

W - Horror Targetted Spell | Range 650 | CD (14 13 12 11 10) | Mana Cost (80 90 100 110 120) | Damage Per Tick (50 80 110 140 170) + (0.5 ap)

Horror is a single target damage spell that every 0.5 seconds tries to bounce to a champion within 300 range prioritizing lowest hp champions. If no champion is within range another instance of the damage is applied and target is stunned for 0.5 seconds. Bounces up to 5 times only hitting an enemy twice if theres atleast one bounce left and no other champions in range.

E - Dark Shackles Ground Target Ability 125 radius area | Cast range 600 | CD (16 15 14 13 12) | Mana Cost (80 90 100 110 120) | Total Damage (100 130 160 190 220) + (0.9 ap)

Dark shackles is a ground targetted ability that after a 0.5 sec delay catches any unit inside and snares + silences for (1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2) and half the total dmg when it hits and the other half when the snare ends.

R - Mind Control Single Target Ability | Range 600 | CD (120 110 100) | Mana Cost (100 150 200) | Total Damage (200 300 400) + (1.0 ap)

Mind Control is a single target channelled ability that when cast Damages the enemy for half of the damage and takes control of them for (2 2.5 3) seconds and when channel ends or is interupted previous orders on the controlled champion are reinstated and another instance of damage is applied. While controlled the champ is vulnerable to Canas' teams attacks but his own teamates cannot damage or CC him. While under effects of mind control the targetted champ simply acts like a bot, targetting nearest allied champion and attacking them with aa's for the duration.

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