• SneerdBulzebop

    New skin themed team!

    December 18, 2013 by SneerdBulzebop

    Hello summoners, just a quick little fact here, nothing special

    With the latest addition to the league, Yasuo, and his High Noon skin, you can now have a fully functional all-cowboy team!

    Marskman: Cowgirl Miss Fortune/ Sheriff Caitlyn

    Support: Longhorn Alistar

    Jungle: Bandito Fiddlesticks

    Mid: High noon Twisted Fate

    Top: High noon Yasuo

    Just thought to let you guys know, since I can't recall any other theme skinned teams that are actually balanced without certain champions going in weird positions where you usually don't see them.

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  • SneerdBulzebop

    Hello fellow Summoners,

    First of all, I know some or maybe even many of you already know this is happening, and I'm not saying I'm a freaking genius for finding this out because I didn't, but I did notice that it's going a littlebit under the radar at the moment and I thought let's bring it out there for those who don't follow the news all that much.

    Counterjungling is back!

    Counterjungling, or invading the enemy jungle to do their camps, was very popular throughout season 2 but has fallen in popularity since the season 3 jungle changes, which made supportive tank junglers more accessible with the item changes (don't know if this is true it's what I think happened) and the meta shifted more towards the Tanky CC junglers like Amumu, Sejuani, N…

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  • SneerdBulzebop

    Dear Summoners,

    A few games ago, I was playing Maokai, and I found myself constantly out of mana and also clearing camps very slowly if not digging through my sparce mana resource. ( I was very behind that game)

    I already bought Ancient Golem and I thought by myself: "Damn, I could really use a Spirit of the Spectral Wraith right now to speed up my clear a bit and give me more mana regen." And then I thought: "Why the heck not?"

    So I tried it out and it worked extremely well, also in games after that were I wasn't so behind. These items are just so cost effective and give so ridiculously awesome stats for a jungler that I think it's worth paying for the non stacking butcher passive. 

    here are some champs I combine jungle items on:

    Maokai: SotAG…

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  • SneerdBulzebop

    I haz a sads

    April 6, 2013 by SneerdBulzebop

    Hi there, this is my first blog on this wikia and we're gonna start off good with a whiny one, Hooray!

    It's about my ranked. I'm currently in bronze IV because over the course of s2 and s3 i was quite inexperienced and, well, just wasn't good enough to get any higher than that.

    but right now, i'm starting to get better and better, and almost every other week i get to 100 LP and into my promotion matches.


    with normal ranked games, everything goes fine, I get nice, decent teammates or I am good enough to carry the bad ones, we have fine communication and i win a good 70% of my games.

    But as soon as i hit my promotion series, teammates start DC'ing left and right, every teammate turns into a fl…

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