Hello fellow Summoners,

First of all, I know some or maybe even many of you already know this is happening, and I'm not saying I'm a freaking genius for finding this out because I didn't, but I did notice that it's going a littlebit under the radar at the moment and I thought let's bring it out there for those who don't follow the news all that much.

Counterjungling is back!

Counterjungling, or invading the enemy jungle to do their camps, was very popular throughout season 2 but has fallen in popularity since the season 3 jungle changes, which made supportive tank junglers more accessible with the item changes (don't know if this is true it's what I think happened) and the meta shifted more towards the Tanky CC junglers like Amumu, Sejuani, Nautilus, Nasus because they provide better ganks than junglers like Shyvana, Nunu, Udyr and Mundo and because counterjungling wasn't really worth it anymore because of all the cost effective new jungle items, counterjungling and the junglers being good at that faded to the background.

BUT right now it's very VERY viable again to start counterjungling, and here's why:

1. The big xp shift from the smaller camps to the bigger camps. Doing a buff camp will get you lvl 2 and doing another one will get you lvl 3 without any of the smaller camps done. So, if you manage to steal one of these away you will ALWAYS have a solid 1 level over your opponent. This means 1 more ability levelled and this is very crucial in these very early fights. Also, stealing a buff will set your opponent back so much more than it used to do because of this giant xp loss.

2. The respawn timers of the smaller camps have been lowered. Therefore, you can make more money by just clearing the jungle, which is what all of the counterjungler champions are very good at. This will make up for the lower gank potential you have as one of these champions.

3. A lot of the counterjungler champions have received recent buffs, like Nunu, Udyr, (Shyvana in PBE), whereas the supportive tank junglers have been receiving mostly nerfs (Volibear, Nasus, Sejuani, Zac) Also the famous aggressive jungler item Wit's End, which was nerfed with the start of season 3 has received a recent buff that made it extremely strong.

TL;DR: The semi-forgotten art of counterjungling is very strong again with the jungle changes and it's making its comeback. You should try it out!