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I haz a sads

Hi there, this is my first blog on this wikia and we're gonna start off good with a whiny one, Hooray!

It's about my ranked. I'm currently in bronze IV because over the course of s2 and s3 i was quite inexperienced and, well, just wasn't good enough to get any higher than that.

but right now, i'm starting to get better and better, and almost every other week i get to 100 LP and into my promotion matches.


with normal ranked games, everything goes fine, I get nice, decent teammates or I am good enough to carry the bad ones, we have fine communication and i win a good 70% of my games.

But as soon as i hit my promotion series, teammates start DC'ing left and right, every teammate turns into a flaming monster and I get thrown right back into that bronze IV

Because this has happened so often and only in promotion, i am starting to feel it is somehow still my fault... Does this happen to any of you guys? And if so, how did you deal with it?

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