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    Ah screw that. Have a cookie.

    It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun played peek-a-boo behind the clouds casting temporal shadows across the field as the light would shift back in its place. Th…

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    DISCLAIMER: This be strictly a parody, satire an' humor blog, all content herein ortin' ta be treated as such. If ye cannot be bothered t' giggle at least once durin' this text, ye be shot, sent t' th' fishes, an' shot again fer good measure.

    Gangplank is able to shoot your own minions. No really. Read the last sentence again. Carefully. Now speak it out loud.

    Twisted as it may be, playing alongside a Gangplank is usually more hazardrous for your physical wellbeing and sanity than trying to give batman a wedgie. This grogswilling son-of-a-beard can and will go kalashnikov on anything within sight. Basically, a common Gangplank has a certain creed he adheres to.

    There is neither friend nor foe. Just viable targets.…

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    Either you are curious or you maybe think that Nasus is one of the weaker champions... doesn't matter, really. Nasus is a surprisingly good support-tank too many people underestimate him. Hell, I have had people queue-dodging because I selected him.

    I will admit that it took me a while to get this nailed down and be successful, so I decided to share some of my thoughts and strategies in hope that others won't make the same mistakes I did.

    Things you always should get:

    • for mana regeneration
    • to get the 15% magic penetration

    Highest priority is because it will enable you to defend your lane easily. At level 3 and 4 you will start to decimate entire creep waves with 1 well placed , which allows you to keep your tower clear of minions. During this,…

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    [[User blog:Snowdrake/I.H.T.C.A.I.C.L Part 1 - Soraka|]]

    DISCLAIMER: Herp derp satire. If u no likey, u leavey. Cannot be arsed to write more legal-fu at the moment. Lots of fire and lighting of bushes below.

    All things evil come in small packages. Things like fireants, a politicians genitalia and Veigar. Riot however has graced us with probably the most controversial champion of all times when they unleashed Corki unto the League. The designprocess probably went something akin to this:

    A: Oi, let us create something really small! *laughter*
    B: What? Like AIDS? You will never be able to put AIDS into this game. Anyway that would be totally unbalanced. Maybe.
    A:Nah. I mean something like... like a... umm. Oh yeah like a midget squirrel.
    B: A midge…

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    DISCLAIMER: This blog is satirical and for entertainment purposes. If you do not agree with my opinions, see Figure 1. If you are not 18 years or older,see Figure 1. If you are curious what Figure 1 is, I am not going to tell you, because... see Figure 1. Enjoy reading :)

    One of the more annoying champions to face (or play with) is Soraka. The mere proximity of a Soraka on your team will induce minor fits of rage, CAPSLOCKSYNDROME and various giggles. Also ragequits. While generally being accepted as a decent healer (no matter if Sona can heal 2 targets automatically with less cooldown...) Soraka is what experienced gamers like to term a "pwnmagnet". To summarize, here is a list of all things Soraka is good at:

    1. Soraka will alwa…

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