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  • SoHalKon

    OK let's start why. In lurking reddit in the the topic from /u/RxBTFU15Rx [1] in summoners school I passed him some personal rules i got for champion picking. He mentioned something akin of the thing I've thinking after passing the rules. He mentioned champion tags I was thinking in traits. But getting to the point is the same intention "Do I need a champion with a load of CC? Naut? Nami?" So I googled and found a survey tool that let me bulk insert (easy copypasta!!! from the tables the wikia has) to generate a simple star rating survey for the champs. My idea is to put it into 3 categories each divided into 5 traits/stats . Each category will be a survey done in diffenet days and each trait will be a page where you can rate each champion…

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  • SoHalKon

    As the Trundle new lore just was plainly bad for me. As to say it does not give the feel of a champion of the league of legends. In the recent days I done a suggestion lore. I admit the old lore would need a rework. But no one like this. Witch is just a liar with luck. Minutes before doing this blogpost I found that other lores are reworked and most for REAL worse. I well aware is too long to fit the current lore page but is better to extend it and give the clearer idea tough. I also added the indented paragraphs (is a blockquote but has no frame idk why) are a narration that is more a "how it happened in my head" I tough it would add more to the lore (a la judgment style). So you can just jump the boxes and read the "suggested" lore page.…

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  • SoHalKon

    Place your bets

    February 11, 2013 by SoHalKon

    As a new champion approaches and seems riot will give more suspense on this one. We can start the little game called "penca" in my country (uruguay). where you have to guess the resutls of a determined activity (Usually the world cup in my country but can be applied to much more). The idea is I assign points to the category you are guessing and if it's more speciffic more points I can decide to put some extra point if you can exactly guess something hard like an ability. Finally the one with more points at the time of the release in PBE simply wins the intenetz...

    Here there go the categories (we can add more up to disscussion)

    Role = 5points

    simply if it is a jungler support or adc only the role stated from riot counts extra roles do not cou…

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