OK let's start why. In lurking reddit in the the topic from /u/RxBTFU15Rx [1] in summoners school I passed him some personal rules i got for champion picking. He mentioned something akin of the thing I've thinking after passing the rules. He mentioned champion tags I was thinking in traits. But getting to the point is the same intention "Do I need a champion with a load of CC? Naut? Nami?" So I googled and found a survey tool that let me bulk insert (easy copypasta!!! from the tables the wikia has) to generate a simple star rating survey for the champs. My idea is to put it into 3 categories each divided into 5 traits/stats . Each category will be a survey done in diffenet days and each trait will be a page where you can rate each champion with 1 to 10 stars on that trait. Some are more general but I'll add it because they can fare completely different I think many will give a good score on mitigation on kayle but not that good on General damage soaking.

-Sustained damage
-Crowd control / Debuffing (soft cc like AS defuffs also are considered)
-Engage Diving / Initiation (Could be controversial but I consider this an important trait since it defines a champion role in the team)

-General damage soaking
-Health regeneration / Sustain
-Health pool
-Juking / Dodging / Escaping

-Synergy (the ability of the champion to fit in different team comps)
-Action Range / Map influence
-Mobility (I don't consider it the same as juking since Lux hasn't much mobility bus can escape thanks to her CC other example could be Morgana)
-Teammate aiding / Buffing
- Enemy frustration factor

So what you think could use new traits or you want me to explain another thing? And yes I tried to leave aside the mechanics. But can be a trait to add maybe.

EDIT: WIP link to the one online check for typos and such

Some other stats traits that are porposed are

-Single target damage

-Aoe damage

-Peel (i'm not vey sure about this one)