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That poor sad Mummy

SolarusEx August 20, 2011 User blog:SolarusEx

Hi, my name is SolarusEx and i've been playing League of Legends since October of 2010 and ever since then i have been hooked. This game is such a great combination of stategy on one person as well as a collaboration between a team. This game has grown so much in just the single year that I have played it's astonishing. League of Legends is such an amazing game it blows all others away. The reason I play is for a few reason. I enjoy the gameplay, the team-work, making new friends, and for the shear feeling of accomplishment when you win.

The reason I chose Amumu as my favorite is for the obvious reason that we all chose him for, his great sense of humor. Nah I keed, I pick Amumu because he is a great champion, a beast of a tank, and because he's a very lonly person. Well, all the reasons except that last one I guess. When Amumu is built right and rollin' with a Golem Buff, he's basically a bandaged tank waiting to destroy that pesky Nexus. The first day I played a Skilled Amumu player i was changed. Sure those other tanks might have an abundance of power or the ability to shurg a turret ike its nothing but Amumu can do all that and more. If not for Amumu, the world of League would be a much sadder state.

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