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  • SonEjemplos

    IDK what to lore

    whatever the case, she's from the void.

    Appearance: Mal'Ire looks much like a centipede. She has a semi-purple hue and is a tad shiny, in nature. She has no eyes, and a large gaping mouth is on the front of her body. She has pinchers located on the back of her body.

    Attack type: Ranged

    Innate: Gluttony

    Every time a spell is cast within a certain range of Mal'Ire, she gains a stack of Gluttony. For every stack she has, she gives off a stronger aura that increases the AD and AP of nearby champions by a small amount. With no stacks, she still gives off a minor AD/AP increasing aura. Having a certian amount of stacks will make all of M'I's abilities have extra effects. (I do feel as if 2 auras at the same time is no big deal, but i…

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  • SonEjemplos

    Lore: Ruche was once a normal girl. She frolocked amongst the flowers, dressed up, let her childish innocence be her guide. However, one day, a great illness befell her. No one is able to place when, or why, this had ever happened. A rumor had been around for awhile about a powerful mage who had thrived in the suffering of others, but no name or face could be placed, but this was Ruche's parents only lead. One day, they left to persue the wrongdoer of their daughter. Ruche, being practically lifeless, laid in her bed until they returned. When they had returned, Ruche was completely well, but small holes could be seen in her skin, bugs flying in and out of her body. She seemed largely unworried, and was even confused when they stared at her…

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