League is a game i like to call 'Perfectly Unbalanced', strong champion come and go but they are never without counters from items or other champions. if league was prefectly balanced then every champion and item would be the same, and there would be no fun in playing the game.

Part of the solution to dealing with powerful champions comes from the ability to ban six champions in ranked and draft mode, though these can be used to ban out potential counters and to target ban enemy players. However, with many more champions on the way, will the current six bans be enough to deal with potentially more 'Overpowered' champions, and I fear that there will be a critical number of champions after which you can't ban out enough powerful champions and ranked play will result in the exact same champions being played with no creativity or innovation. Patches attempting to remedy this will no doubt result in another rotation of powerful champions and the problem will persist. Such events will no doubt lead to a drop in the number of players, resulting in a loss of income for Riot, and by extension losing advertisement deals which would lose them even more money. Without money they can't bring us the content they want to bring as they can't maintain the servers or the staff.

My theory is that Riot may end up having to increase the ban limit to four or even five.

What are your possible fixes or suggestions?