Maria   –  The Maiden of The Harrowing----


Support Mage
1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
HEALTH 500 (+78) ATTACK DAMAGE 50 (+3.3)
HEALTH REGEN. 5.85 (+0.17) ATTACK SPEED 0.66 (+1%)
MANA 400 (+64) ARMOR 24 (+1.9)
MANA REGEN. 5.8 (+0.2) MAGIC RESIST. 38 (+1.8)

Maria, The Maiden of the Harrowing is a custom champion for the league of legends. A champion I based from the ghoul summoning mechanic of Yorick Mori.


Denial of Death


All nearby allied champions that took fatal damage would be revived as a spirit, granting them invincibility to all forms of physical attacks, crowd control and 50% increased movement speed but with a rapidly decaying health. As a spirit, they allowed to cast one non channel, non ultimate ability before expiring. Casting an ability however would make them disappear for good.

The spirits could also be absorbed by Maria, giving her a temporary health boost of 50% of the allied champion’s maximum health and 10% of the champion’s defense for 5 seconds.

Anger of the Slain 

COST: 120/125/130/140 mana     COOLDOWN: 20/17/15/10 seconds  RANGE: 600


Four slain spirits within Maria lashes out to protect her, dealing magic damage within their reach with different spirits upon recasting. The order is as follows, resetting after death.

Soldier – The spirit dashes forward, dealing damage to enemies he passed through. After a second of delay, the spirit spins once, dealing AoE damage within its reach before disappearing.

Cutthroat – The spirit lobs itself towards the targeted area dealing a small AoE burst upon landing. If the spirit landed directly on a champion, the spirit would strike twice, slowing the champion for 30%

Defender – The spirit dashes forward pushes back the enemy with its shield. The spirit would persist for five more seconds, acting as an impassable wall.

Captain – This spirit would only show itself if Maria is below 25% health. The spirit would be accompanied by two of his crew, seeing to that Maria gets to safety for 10 seconds. The spirit would viciously attack the nearest enemy champion attacking her, dealing magic damage. The spirits would disappear however to shield Maria if she took fatal damage, taking the brunt of the damage.

  • Magic Damage: 20 / 35 / 75 / 115 / 145 (+100% AP)  
Bargain of the Murdered RANGE: 650  COST:175/150/100/75 mana   COOLDOWN: 30/27/25/20

Maria forces out a spirit inside her towards an allied/enemy champion granting them various effects. If no champion is targeted, casting the ability would cause the spirit to roam, visible only to allied champions.

Courtesan – The spirit would accompany the allied champion for 5 seconds, granting them increased attack speed and attack damage for a portion of the champion’s health. Enemy champions however would have their screens locked in place upon discovery of the spirit as it dances for 2 seconds. Male champions get an additional second in effect and longer to some champions.

Child – Accompanying the spirit would grant the allied champion additional health regeneration in exchange for a constant decaying defense. The child also grants single use CC immunity before expiring after 5 seconds. Enemy Champion gets the same effects however the child would slow the enemy down by 25% of the champion’s movement speed for 5 seconds. Effects last longer to some champions and some women.

Murderer – Grabbing the spirit would sever the health of the allied champion in half regardless of the level of the spell, granting the champion increasing attack damage, ability power as well as movement speed for every champion takedown for 5 seconds. Dealing a killing blow on an enemy champion would restore 10% of the missing health. Enemy champions that grabbed the spirit would have their health reduced by quarter for every allied champion kill in exchange of having the ability to execute enemies with auto attacks if they’re below 25% health. This spirit only comes out if Maria herself is below 25% health.

Depression of the Innocent COST:150/125/100/80 mana COOLDOWN: 45/40/30/20 RANGE: 700

A spirit of a maiden breaks away from Maria’s sorrow and slowly walks in a straight line, singing a gentle lullaby, slowing all units within her area. If she comes into contact with any champion, including Maria herself, she would embrace it, snaring the enemy for 3 seconds. If Maria is below 25% health, her song silences instead of slowing the enemy.  

Acceptance of the Maiden RANGE: 700 COST: 100/150/170 mana COOLDOWN: 150 / 110 / 80 seconds

Maria casts the fog of the harrowing in an area around her that blinds every living thing around her and accepts her fate with open arms, reducing her defense and magic resist by 90% as well as reducing her own health to a quarter. Doing this however, the spirits can now be casted in a rapid succession, increasing cooldown reduction to 75% as well as allowing spirits of allied champions inside the fog to cast multiple abilities with 50% cooldown for 4 seconds. She cannot move during this duration, restoring the depleted Health.