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  • SpotRudloff

    Hello guys.

    So I've been thinking lately about the big unbalance between some champions in ARAM. Once you get a strong poke champion, your win is nearly sure. Yes, of course, there's also strong CC team comps, but the poke is usually what tends to be the most important thing to win an ARAM.

    ARAM should be about playing a champion that you'd not planned to play for a long time. However, if you get Udyr and you see the enemy team has some range, you are screwed. I chose Udyr on purpose. I find him the most useless champion to be played in ARAM. He's an aura-item-stacking-deck champion there. There are few more, who are likely to do nothing. That made me think of some item that could actually do something about the that's coming to you and you …

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  • SpotRudloff


    April 21, 2013 by SpotRudloff


    |cost=No cost



    I haven't thought of the range of her spells yet. I'd just like to know, if this kit is viable and not too strong. Also I'm sorry for the look of this page, I'm not skilled with Wiki yet.

    I focused on double usage kit, so you can cast all your regular spells either on your allies or your enemies. It makes the play more difficult, because you have to decide whether you use the spell on an ally or the enemy.

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