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  • SquallRox

    Hey ppl! This is another Champ Idea I had. Hope u all like it. COMMENT!

    Brenda - The Watermage

    Attributes : Mage, Ranged


    Brenda used to be a Treasure Hunter, one of their best. One day, she found herself in the Kumungu Jungles. She had a bad sensation about that Jungle, like someone was watching her. Deep in the Jungles she was, not like she was lost (never saw a Treasure Hunter that get lost in the jungles). Suddenly, she saw someone looking at her. "What do you want?" the misterious man asked. "I'm here for the treasure!". A sudden silence caught the two. "Is that so? You can go, but believe in me, the true treasure is not in gold or jewelery...". The man disapeared in front of her, and the jungle opened like magic. She found a treasur…

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  • SquallRox

    Hello everybody,

    I was just wondering 'bout a new Champ, and I had some ideas, took the base of Nidalee to do it (cause I just love it's style of gameplay).

    Trevisan, the Kumungu King

    No one ever was born in the jungles, but still, no one knows about Trevisan past. All they know is that since he has consciousness, he was in the jungle. With the power of the beast that lives inside him, the other animals of the jungle respects him. Altought he is the King of Kumungu, in the jungle lies unlimited treasures, but Trevisan only interests are to preserve the jungle, his true "treasury".

    Attributes: Fighter, Meele

    Inate - Human Form: every time he uses an ability, he gains 3 gold. Animal Form: every time he kills an enemy Champion his team gains 3*ene…

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