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    The Current State of Ashe

    September 5, 2014 by Steelside

    Ashe used to be a high tier pick in competitive 5v5 play. Her niche was the ability to initiate teamfights with ult, something no other ADC can even attempt to do. Now she's heavily overshadowed, even with the quality of life changes to her passive she still easily falls so short, and here is why.

    Ashe suffers from troublesome scaling.

    Volley is her ONLY AD scaling ability. It scales with ONLY a 1:1 AD Ratio. The slow it applies is reliant on the level of her Q, making it negligible in the early game. It's cooldown is stupid high until later levels.

    Now I ask you, what if we kept all of these things the same but gave Volley the ability to CRIT? Her passive would synergize with this change as well.

    I think it'd help her scaling as well because …

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  • Steelside

    Trying to make this not sound gay, but I currently have no friends to play Ranked Duo with regularly. Whether the people I have on my friends list don't want to play ranked would rather casual Normals all day, or the few people I know who play Ranked aren't as active as I am, all I know is that I find myself solo queuing a lot more than I'd like.

    So I ask you this, will YOU be my friend?

    Looking for people that can voice chat because I really hate stopping to type ingame. I have Skype/Vent/Mumble/TeamSpeak.

    ADD me ingame Summoner Name: supersmiles

    I've played for about 2 years now. I had a more seasoned account with over 2,000 games played on it before this one.

    I have not played enough ranked games yet to reach a desirable Elo as of writing th…

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  • Steelside

    The idea of skill caps, that every person has their own, individual limit to how skilled they become, is a controversial topic that has been discussed time and time again. Many pro gamers openly oppose the idea, saying that one must put time and effort in improving and those who put in more time and effort will, in the end, have better results than those who do not.

    And still, over and over again I read things about people "feeling they've reached their skill cap" or "their maximum potential". I read about people who feel as if they've "hit a road block" in terms of improving. They lose hope in ever reaching higher level play. It isn't a problem of blaming others with these people, as it is with many others. These people openly state "I don…

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  • Steelside

    Who else plays ranked solo or duo queue and notices that every game is faceroll. Whether your entire team wrecks theirs, or their entire team wrecks yours, it's a completely one-sided 20 minute stompfest.

    Also, I'm not ranked on this account yet (meaing I haven't played enough ranked to get my Elo yet. I lost my old account), and I'm unsure if it's because of that, but I'm still curious.

    And what is it about Ranked games that makes some people go into complete retard-mode? I get people who 'forget' to change runes and masteries, or 'forget' to change summoners. I get people who AFK in champ select too. I even get people who are mad before the game even starts. If you know me from my other blog posts, I have a very difficult time controlling …

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  • Steelside

    Draven is the newest ranged AD carry added to League of Legends. I will explore his PROS, his CONS, and give some other notes on the way the champion feels. All of this is from my own, personal experience playing the champion. Feel free to agree or disagree with what I say in comments below. Scroll down for the Overview Summary (essentially a TL;DR).

    • Draven's sheer damage output is ridiculously high, especially early game, because of Spinning Blade. Not only does the ability give bonus damage, but it also automatically procs Draven's DoT passive, further increasing his DPS. Late Game this DoT Passive will be dealing tons of free damage and Spinning Blade has the 'potential' (though very very difficult to do) to occur on every auto attack if…

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