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Controlling My Rage

I am in dire need for tips in controlling my rage. Please, if someone reads this, help me out.

I've played League for about 2 years now. A about two or three months ago my account on which I had played 2,000 games on, had nearly every champion unlocked, and had 12 rune pages completed was permanently banned.

The reason?

I was suspended by the Tribunal too many times that Riot finally decided to make it permanent.

I would get suspended for things like "Verbal Abuse" and "Excessive Flaming".

I did what anyone would do, go to his/her smurf account and wreck noobs until it was level 30 and you could start over, and tried to not think about the amount of money I had wasted because I couldn't control myself.

I started the account on a campaign to be the nicest person ever. And I was for quite some time. But then it started to feel like people did things just to make me mess up; just to make me say something so they can report me and get me banned. Just to push me to my limits.

I need help guys. How do the millions of people who don't get banned not get banned? I say one thing wrong in a game and I have to fear the inevitable ban hammer because God knows this community has no testicles and reports you for everything.

How do I deal with people in such a way that will not get me banned?

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