The idea of skill caps, that every person has their own, individual limit to how skilled they become, is a controversial topic that has been discussed time and time again. Many pro gamers openly oppose the idea, saying that one must put time and effort in improving and those who put in more time and effort will, in the end, have better results than those who do not.

And still, over and over again I read things about people "feeling they've reached their skill cap" or "their maximum potential". I read about people who feel as if they've "hit a road block" in terms of improving. They lose hope in ever reaching higher level play. It isn't a problem of blaming others with these people, as it is with many others. These people openly state "I don't feel like I'm getting better anymore".

I am currently in that time right now. I can't for the life of me pinpoint what exactly I can do to improve my game. In the very far past it was simple black-and-white changes to my gameplay like realizing it only takes one right click to retreat and things like that. Have I reached the point where I need to discover and work on the little things; the things that differenciate a good player from a great player?

Do you believe in skill caps? Or do you believe that everyone, with sufficient practice, can go all the way? Have you ever felt or are currently feeling as if you've hit your skill cap? How did you overcome it?