Who else plays ranked solo or duo queue and notices that every game is faceroll. Whether your entire team wrecks theirs, or their entire team wrecks yours, it's a completely one-sided 20 minute stompfest.

Also, I'm not ranked on this account yet (meaing I haven't played enough ranked to get my Elo yet. I lost my old account), and I'm unsure if it's because of that, but I'm still curious.

And what is it about Ranked games that makes some people go into complete retard-mode? I get people who 'forget' to change runes and masteries, or 'forget' to change summoners. I get people who AFK in champ select too. I even get people who are mad before the game even starts. If you know me from my other blog posts, I have a very difficult time controlling my temper and these guys are WORSE than me. They aren't even good, why are they crying so hard?

Why are people more bearable in Normals than Ranked? Does this fix itself once my Elo gets situated? I don't remember much from my past account. I stopped playing Ranked when Elo decay fucked me over hard.