Ashe used to be a high tier pick in competitive 5v5 play. Her niche was the ability to initiate teamfights with ult, something no other ADC can even attempt to do. Now she's heavily overshadowed, even with the quality of life changes to her passive she still easily falls so short, and here is why.

Ashe suffers from troublesome scaling.

Volley is her ONLY AD scaling ability. It scales with ONLY a 1:1 AD Ratio. The slow it applies is reliant on the level of her Q, making it negligible in the early game. It's cooldown is stupid high until later levels.

Now I ask you, what if we kept all of these things the same but gave Volley the ability to CRIT? Her passive would synergize with this change as well.

I think it'd help her scaling as well because her laning would be stronger.

Additionally, her ult needs to either A) Do more damage or B) Have an AD ratio or C) Have the 60second CD it used to have.

What do you guys think?