Trying to make this not sound gay, but I currently have no friends to play Ranked Duo with regularly. Whether the people I have on my friends list don't want to play ranked would rather casual Normals all day, or the few people I know who play Ranked aren't as active as I am, all I know is that I find myself solo queuing a lot more than I'd like.

So I ask you this, will YOU be my friend?

Looking for people that can voice chat because I really hate stopping to type ingame. I have Skype/Vent/Mumble/TeamSpeak.

ADD me ingame Summoner Name: supersmiles

I've played for about 2 years now. I had a more seasoned account with over 2,000 games played on it before this one.

I have not played enough ranked games yet to reach a desirable Elo as of writing this I have 14 wins, 14 losses, and a shitty 1300 elo. On my other account after playing around the same amount of ranked games I was discouraged from playing any more and stopped doing so. On this account I've decided to not give a fuck and play enough ranked games (whether it takes 100, or 500 games) until it gets situated.

I currently have completed all AD Carry Botlane runepages for all the AD carry champions. I am bad with Vayne and have not gotten used to her kit. Everyone else I play fine.

I currently working on completing Jungler pages.