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  • StormFox1989

    This is another champion i've been thinking about creating for a while. She is a ranged mage that, from lv6 onward will have a humanoid form made up out of bugs by her side (hence, pusher), has a shield and a mana regenerating ability (hence, support), and carries quite a bit of cc and dot abilities. CC consists of a small 10% slow (if the creature attacks it while the target is poisoned), a 1 second silence and a 1 second AoE stun. Several of her skills also apply poison stacks to the enemy.

    She deals little direct damage to enemies that can get away and know how to counter her well, but enemies that are careless can get caught up if staying near her too long without dealing enough damage. Very high burst champions will be able to kill her…

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  • StormFox1989

    Kemaran the Slaver

    March 19, 2012 by StormFox1989

    This is my first champion suggestion and an idea I've been thinking about for a while. Suggestions are welcome and not everything is complete and can still change if there's some better idea. If you think of some appropriate lore, texts or item build, that would be appreciated too.

    The direction I'm wanting to go with this champion is to have a tanky champion who has a good sustain and good damage, but always only one of the two. Because of this, I chose to make a tanky passive based on stacks, but having to sacrifice the stacks in order to perform your stronger attacks (and/or) heal yourself.

    Kemaran's look and appearance should look like that of an evil slave driver and uses a short barbed metal whip as a weapon.

    |date = |health …

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