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  • StorocnekXx

    Here's another try of mine: This time, i'm presenting Julareen, the daughter of death. She is a midlaner-burst-champ, with some CC, sustain and lots of damage. It would be nice of you, if you'd leave feedback. Thanks a million! :)

    The power of the darkness is enchanting the next normal Attack of Julareen with a destructive force, while also resetting her autohit-timer. This normal attack briefly interrupts the target while dealing additional magic damage.
    • Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5

    |leveling = |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    The next normal attack also deals additional magic damage based on the enemys maximum HP while also stunning them for 1.25 seconds instead of interrupting them.

    |leveling = }} }}

    To guide her through her battles, Julareen summ…

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  • StorocnekXx


    May 14, 2013 by StorocnekXx

    Any thoughts on this? I thought this could be an idea to improve her. Giving her magic-Damage and AP-Ratios makes her also an option for midlanes, while still not nerving her AD-Damage as an AD-Carry. I did not take a closer look at her basestats and I only thought about changing her spells somehow while not changing her playstile too much.

    % every 3 seconds whilst not attacking. Focus' bonus is expended with her next basic attack. Ashe also deals magic damage equal to twice the amount of her current chance for a crictical strike as magic damage on every 5th attack. }}

    Ashe enchants her basic attacks with ice, slowing her targets for 2 seconds and to deal extra magic damage.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost= |costtype =mana per attack }}

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  • StorocnekXx

    Okay, i want to give it a try aswell. I want to introduce my Champion-Concept of "Kulivian, the Angel of Hell". I'd say he's a melee Support/Bruiser-Champ. So he is either playable on bot or on top. He is kind of hybrid and he fit's the role, i want to see a champ in. So i thought i'd share it with you and i'd be happy if you'd also give some thoughts about it. Please, do not mind the numbers that hard. The cooldowns may be stupid, so may be the ranges, manacosts and maybe even the ratios or basedamages. Please happen to have a closer look at the Spells itself. (and if there are mistakes in terms of language, please keep in mind that english is not my first language. Thank you!) Have fun with my Champion! :)



    Kulivian calls upon heaven …

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