So, I've seen a lot of posts maybe on here, or other places about the attitude of the LoL community and ways to deal with it. One of the most common "solutions" to this problem is often simply muting people you don't like. This is fine and all, but personally, it seems totally useless to me.

I'm probably paranoid, but I have a real problem wit muting people. Let's say someone is being just plain unpleasant for whatever reason. Make that reason up yourself if you have to. You mute said person. Then, later on in the game, you are about to maybe check Baron or some sort of objective. The person you muted told you not to do X. But you didn't see it because you muted them. You get collapsed on by the enemy team who get a free Baron out of your stupidity and you lose the game. This is my problem. If you want me to sum it up: "What if this person says something actually useful later on?" This is what stops me from muting people. I'm terrified I might miss something of vital importance because I muted them and throw the game.

I know people say that if someone is being generally horrible, then they won't say anything useful anyway, so just mute them, but I still just think to myself "what if....?". And so, I get stuck with all the crap in chat and can't/don't do anything about it.

Muting only works on the enemy team, really. They will never say anything useful, they are the enemy team after all. If they do say something useful, then they are likely the type I wouldn't mute anyway. As they are on the enemy team, all they can really say that's useful is constructive critisism. If they are that kind of person, then they wouldn't have done anything for me to want to mute them in the first place. On the other hand, muting the enemy team is pointless anyway. You can just turn [ALL] chat off in your options.

So, I'm stuck in a rut. I want to ignore nasty people, but I'm terrified of missing something important they say. So,I don't do it and then just end up on the receiving end of more abuse. What can I do to solve the problem?