Unusually for me, this is gonna be quite a short blog. It's more of a question, really. With the new bruiser items like BC and how % and flat pen have been changed, assasins like Talon are becoming popular. Some bruisers and assasins like Talon and Zed for example are known to go mid because they totally screw over a lot of mids. Some people play bruisers such as Kha'Zix and occasionally Gho'Gath mid. A large marjority, though not all bruisers and assasins tend to be AD. I'm gonna focus on those that are AD and their relationship with the (suppposedly) unviable Xerath.

AD champions deal primarily physical damage. Take Talon for example. He deals only physical damage. To deal with physical damage, you build armor. AD mids have a habit of being melee. Talon, Zed and Kha'Zix are all melee. When playing a tradtional AP mid, chances are, your autoattacks are ranged. Without looking at the full list of champions, I can only think of three examples of melee AP mids, those being Kassadin, Diana and Akali. I'm sure there's more, but it's hard to remember 100+ champions in an instant. Regardless, my point of the majority of AP mids being ranged still stands. As a ranged champion, it is easier to autattack harass a melee champion than another ranged, obviously. It is for this reason that you are encouraged to do so as long as you don't miss out on CS. Now, onto Xerath.

  • Xerath has a ranged autoattack. Melee AD mids are therefore, easier to harass.
  • Xerath's Q, Arcanopulse, has a very long range, even without the range increase from his W, Locus of Power.
    • Like autoattack harass, it is easy to harass melee mids with this when they go to last hit.
  • Xerath's passive gives him armor as he builds damage. This will natrually reduce the damage he takes from melee AD mids. As with every other champion in the game, he also gains armor as he levels. This will further reduce the damage he takes. Due to this passive, he doesn't need to build armor and can build only damage in the lane phase, making him stronger in the mid game.
  • Xerath has a stun. If he is initiated on, he can use his stun to open a burst combo that should win him the trade. With his W, he can do this completely out of range of his lane opponent.
  • In conclusion from all of these points, Xerath is a counter to AD mids. His kit naturally works against them.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Please do tell me. I'm thinking of picking him up for this reason, and I don't wanna waste my time.