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    Teemo Build

    May 27, 2013 by Stray Cat

    Teemo is one of the most versatile champion.

    I really enjoy this champion because in draft/rank it can really throw

    off opponents on where I go. I guess I shall explain a bit of my experience

    for all those who want to use Teemo someday.

    Teemo Top- Bruiser Build

    Uses-Crowd Control, Map Coverage, Control Baron/Northern Map/Jungle Entrances


    Damage +++

    Survival +++

    Utility +++

    Teamfight Capability +++

    Teemo Mid- AP Bruiser/AP

    Uses-Heavy Magic Damage, Map Coverage, Control Dragon/Baron/Jungle Entrances


    Damage ++++

    Survival +

    Utility ++

    Teamfight Capability ++

    Teemo Bottom- AD Carry

    Uses- Good Damage Trades, Map Coverage, Control Dragon/Jungle, Save Money on Wards


    Damage +++++

    Survival ++

    Utility +++

    Teamfight Capability +++

    Teemo Bottom-Support

    Uses- R…

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  • Stray Cat

    In League of Legends, the first step of playing would be selecting a Champion. Each Champion has its own roles. (I.e. Carry, Range, Fighter, etc.)

    Current Basic Lane Meta

    Top Lane-Team Tank, Secondary Carry, Bruiser, Fighter

    Top is one of the lanes who solo alone generally unless there is no jungler

    currently on the team. This generally is ill advised as jungle provides a mean

    for extra experience over the other team and opens up a lane for a champion to gain experience and level faster. As

    a secondary carry or tank for team when solo top lane, it opens up an avenue of income and experience.

    • It should also be noted that jungle levels up with the highest level champion in the game so it is better to jungle as fast as you could. Priority in Jungling is sp…

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