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League of Legends Basics

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Basic Strategies

In League of Legends, the first step of playing would be selecting a Champion. Each Champion has its own roles. (I.e. Carry, Range, Fighter, etc.)

Current Basic Lane Meta

Top Lane-Team Tank, Secondary Carry, Bruiser, Fighter

Top is one of the lanes who solo alone generally unless there is no jungler

currently on the team. This generally is ill advised as jungle provides a mean

for extra experience over the other team and opens up a lane for a champion to gain experience and level faster. As

a secondary carry or tank for team when solo top lane, it opens up an avenue of income and experience.

  • It should also be noted that jungle levels up with the highest level champion in the game so it is better to jungle as fast as you could. Priority in Jungling is split between ganking and leveling, each with its pros and con.

Middle Lane-Mage, Ranged Carries

Middle lane itself always solo plays the important role of being the team's burst damage, and usually ability power

based. Champions with world-wide spells such as Soraka, or Twisted Fate can benefit from being in the middle as

their ultimate can be used to give top or bottom lane an advantage over their opponents. The reason why there

generally is one champion in middle is that, often that champion is the team's life line, if there are two lanes in

needed of a gank and the jungler could only be at one area.

  • General Rule of thumb when disappearing from your lane to go gank another lane is to be gone for no more then 3-5 seconds, as any longer, enemy creep waves will push back toward your tower and the enemy team will notice your long disappearing act.

Bottom Lane- Range Carry, Support

Bottom lane is the only lane that should always have two champions populated. The reason for this is because

bottom lane along with middle are there to protect the neutral creep Dragon in the middle of the two lanes. When

dragon is killed, the team that killed the dragon will be awarded 190 gold to each member on the team totaling of

950 gold which is equilvalent to three champion kills. As a support champion on bottom generally, it is normally

their job to keep the river warded to protect from ganks as well as give a heads up when enemy team is attempting

to kill dragon. The other champion laning with the support champion would normally be a range champion

which also plays a vital role in a team fight. Usually the range champion on bottom will be physical damage and

will take quite a bit of creep kills to build up as a viable damage output source for the team. Range carry have the

job of sitting back of poking enemy champions within reach and provides the team a means to damage a turret

when enemy champions turtle in to preventing further advancement towards their base.

Warding Locations

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