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Teemo Build

Teemo is one of the most versatile champion.

I really enjoy this champion because in draft/rank it can really throw

off opponents on where I go. I guess I shall explain a bit of my experience

for all those who want to use Teemo someday.

Teemo Top- Bruiser Build
Frozen Mallet item

Uses-Crowd Control, Map Coverage, Control Baron/Northern Map/Jungle Entrances


Damage +++

Survival +++

Utility +++

Teamfight Capability +++

Teemo Mid- AP Bruiser/AP
Rabadon's Deathcap item

Uses-Heavy Magic Damage, Map Coverage, Control Dragon/Baron/Jungle Entrances


Damage ++++

Survival +

Utility ++

Teamfight Capability ++

Teemo Bottom- AD Carry
Infinity Edge item

Uses- Good Damage Trades, Map Coverage, Control Dragon/Jungle, Save Money on Wards


Damage +++++

Survival ++

Utility +++

Teamfight Capability +++

Teemo Bottom-Support
Philosopher's Stone item

Uses- Reduce Enemy Farm/Control Enemy Damage, Control Dragon/Jungle, Save LOTS of Money on Wards


Damage +

Survival ++++

Utility ++++

Teamfight Capability ++

Strategies and Explanation

Teemo Top- Top Teemo (Tomo)


GMarks (1)

(9)Attack Damage

Marks of Attack Damage- The purpose I pick this rune is because for Teemo to stay effective in

a lane where he is countered, he needs to be able to last hit even at tower.

File:GSeals (4).png
GGlyphs (3)

(9)Magic Resist

GQuintessences (3)

(3)Movement Speed

Seals of Scaling Health- As a bruiser, Teemo benefits from staying alive with more health

allowing him to react to ganks. With a minor boost to health, it greatly compensates for his low

health scaling as a champion.

Glyphs of Magic Resist- This is to prevent being burst to death by any AP champions and gives

teemo a slight leeway to breathe after being nuked. Majority of commonly played junglers are

are magic damage based and if not, majority of middle lanes are AP. Worse case scenario you

have atleast a bit of defence against Ability Powers.

Quintessence of Movement- Further Teemo's escape/chase capabilities. When Teemo is

struck he loses his passive from his skill unless he chooses to activate it. This gives you a

room for error when you notice enemy jungle coming towards you or when your kill is running

away and you lack that bit of movespeed after a fight you are about to win.

Top Teemo

The purpose of using teemo top is to control baron as well as protect jungle and middle from ganks of enemy
jungler. Pre-level 6, it is suggested that teemo play defensive and last hit by tower. If teemo is countered, I
would personally start with a doran blade if enemy is a pusher and counters teemo. Purpose of the doran blade
start would be to control creep score to a minimum lost at tower. After level 6, Teemo should maintain shrooms
in every bush if possible as it offers a chance for opponents checking bush to get hit even when carrying an
oracle. Other strategy would also include shrooming enemy blue/red for vision. This would allow for teemo to
control and counter enemy jungler in their more vulnerable moments. Shrooms can be placed in bushes in
the bushes of middle lane's side. Teemo has a knack for controling teamfight and map control. This is why he
is a viable top.

Item Builds and Explanation (Top Teemo)

Ninja Tabi item

Ninja Tabi

This will increase survival against physical damage base champions. It is very useful against top

champions and even enemy junglers who relies heavily on autoattacks.

Mercury's Treads item

Mercury Tread

Crowd Control as well as against foes who generally rely on Ability Power to do damage. It is very

nice choice in majority of games. I build this also when taking in account middle lane being heavy

burst damage. This offers survival against ganks from middle as well or even when you are ganking

middle lane.

Wriggle's Lantern item

Wriggles Lantern

Additional survival against physical damage, but what more comes with it is a nice 15% lifesteal.

This item also offers a bonus ward. Map control with a sightward in addition to Teemo's shrooms.

Owning half the map has never been easier.

Blade of the Ruined King item

Blade of the Ruin King

A very nice alternative to wriggle's lantern. This does percentage damage based on an enemy's

maximum health. It also offers a slow which is activated and targeted on an enemy. Against most

other bruiser, this item is a must on an a/d bruiser Teemo. A little bonus attack speed is a plus.

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