• Supafrunk

    Mana-Regen Based Champion

    October 24, 2012 by Supafrunk

    Hi everyone, I started to think about this concept when I realized Ryze was the only mage to base himself on mana. I didn't want to remove his uniqueness but I wondered, how could a mana regen based champion be?

    This concept is to answer the demands of AD tank/support champion. The main item needed on this guy/girl will be Manamune, but he/she will still have some AP ratio here and there. However, since it's a tank it's not made to do lots of damage.

    Feel free to leave comments below. I don't mind OP or UP calls when they are supported with good arguments.

    Note: This is an incomplete concept. The names are not final either.

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  • Supafrunk

    First of all, I'm just going to start by saying I am not english native, so yes my english do suck. This is also an idea close to the Invoker from DotA. Work in progress. Here goes nothing:

    Name: Solvo, the Aspect of Creation

    -Magic in the Air(Passive):

    Everytime Solvo cast a spell (excluding his ultimate), he will gain a stack of Essence, up to 3 of any kind. Additionally, every time 7 spells are casted in his surrounding, Solvo regenerate 6% of his total mana over 8 seconds.

    -Essence of Death(Q):

    Cooldown: 4/4/3/3/2 sec

    Passive: Increase your movement speed for each stack of Essence of Death.

    Active: Your next auto-attack will do bonus magic damage. Reset auto-attack timer. Grants a stack of Death.

    /55/70/85/100(+0.3 AP) Magic damage. Each stack o…

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